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Events Plan V: Virtually Meeting

Every day we talk with clients about their plan B and their plan C for live events that have been cancelled, put on hold, or pushed out to later dates. Many of them are now choosing to go with plan V: the virtual meeting.

As you are researching your options and thinking through the event experience, you are likely encountering more questions than ever and find yourself comparing apples with oranges. Transitioning to virtual events from in-person, your organization is counting on you to make smart decisions and lead this transition. What are the key questions you should be focused on?

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

In this Leading Authorities on-demand webinar, Events: Plan V (Virtually Meeting), we'll help you navigate through this uncertain time and provide actionable tips and advice to pivot your upcoming event to a virtual one.

Virtual Event Webinar Panelists Include:

  • Kate Burns, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Chief Experience Officer
  • James Favata, Senior Creative Director, LAI Video
  • Helena Lehman, Senior Vice President, LAI Video & LAI Live
  • Shannon Semler, Vice President, LAI Live

So you want to move your in-person event to a virtual platform. But which one? How will it work? Will people even sign on? These questions are all running through your brain right now but do not worry. We have some if not all of the answers. In this webinar, LAI team dissects what to think about when going virtual. 

Our virtual meeting webinar serves as a great resource. The virtual event producers provided input as to which platform to use (answer: whichever you want!) and where to store all of your virtual meeting content (hint: a custom microsite). 

Other resources that are available for your use are tips on how to mitigate virtual tech risks, advice on how to host networking opportunities virtually, and steps for engaging your sponsors


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Experience More Plan V Conversations

Whether you've attended all five Plan V webinars or this is your first session, don't worry! We have our other webinars available for you to watch. 

  • Plan V – The Hybrid Homerun: Go Big and Go Home focuses on the hybrid model for meetings and breaks down what a hybrid model really looks like, what's important, and how you do it.
  • Plan V: What's The Story? explores how to change things up by talking through the 9 elements of the storytelling framework, and the importance of story wrapping and story arc in creating an engaging virtual event.
  • Plan V: 9 Broadcast Techniques From an Event Producer's Playbook shares 9 tips from our seasoned event planners on how to elevate your online meeting experiences to bring them to a professional broadcast level.
  • Plan V: Virtually In-Person broke down a lot of questions event professionals are facing when deciding to host a meeting virtually. With a flurry of platform options and event elements to explore, LAI is happy to provide you with consulting to help you choose the best course of action and get the most out of your online virtual meeting. ​​​​​​​

As you’re planning your next virtual event and thinking about ways to enhance the attendee experience, a professional event producer can go a long way in closing the gaps from in-person to virtual.

Fill out the form below and let's get started making your next virtual event entertaining and engaging for all!