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Creating a Virtual Event Microsite: A Central Home For Your Virtual Event Content

House Your Virtual Event Content

Perhaps now more than ever, content is king. Web presence is becoming more and more important. When we can’t get information in front of people face-to-face, we must rely on creative content to draw eyeballs.

So if you’re like us, you’re likely producing more virtual content than ever. But where does it live?

Consider an event microsite

A custom-branded microsite built to your specifications and needs is the perfect solution. A central location that can be a resource not only for your live virtual event but for future events as well. A microsite is the perfect place to begin your content marketing for virtual event. It can house all the information that your attendees need to know for your upcoming virtual meeting, as well as serve as the communications hub to provide supporting post-event resources and promotion of future meetings. A virtual event website is perfect for you!

Virtual Attendees User Experience

Plus, it creates a great user experience. When you funnel visitors to one consolidated place, you will create an organized atmosphere for your attendees, rather than a variety confusing pages that seem to lead to nowhere. Nobody wants that so a microsite is the perfect solution. With an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly site, all of your virtual event content can be accessible to your audience behind just one paywall.

Houses All Content Related to Online Meeting 

A virtual event microsite not only serves the attendees during the event but holds a huge impact for pre- and post-event content and communications. This microsite also offers a fantastic home to all of your virtual content marketing surrounding the event. A customized microsite can host:

  • Slide decks and session recordings for reference after the event
  • Blogs written by presenters expounding on his/her field of expertise
  • Supporting resources to expand on the content delivered
  • A special message from a sponsor or ways
  • Registration for future events
  • And more!

Alongside your partners here at LAI, you can build out the exact information you’d like to convey to your attendees to create a unique, personalized experience. This can be further enhanced with our access to top talent, production of professional videos, and expert advice for engaging a remote audience.

For virtual audience engagement and more importantly, audience participation, graphics also remain key. LAI can customize graphics for your event that encompass the event objectives—before, during, and after. From promotional social media graphics to enhancing existing presentations, we stand ready to develop creative content that extends your brand experience and delivers real-time information and education.

A microsite provides you with a whole treasure trove of possibilities to house your elevated virtual content – keeping it alive long after the event wraps.



LAI can make your idea a concrete reality! We are your one-stop shop for all your virtual event capability needs. Check out our other virtual solutions blog posts today. Reach out to our team today to start talking all things virtual event design and online meeting management.

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