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Plan V: Virtually In-Person

Leading Authorities, Inc.

On June 9, 2020, Leading Authorities Inc. hosted the second of our conversations about pivoting events to virtual, hybrid, and beyond in the interactive experience, Events Plan V: Virtually In-Person.

Your Solution For Everything Virtual Events

Whether you are in the research phase or the planning phase of your virtual events, this event delivered hands-on insights, new ideas, and an opportunity to talk with like-minded event organizers.

Prepping Our Attendees

Ever attended a virtual event without knowing exactly how to use the software?

In order to mitigate this, attendees were presented with a video produced by our own LAI Video. This video outlined the user-friendly features available to use throughout the event.

The Show Rundown

Our event began with an in-depth conversation around the top five questions we get asked the most often about virtual events. Then we split into breakouts where attendees had a chance to join the discussion of their choice:  

  • The “Hidden Costs” of Virtual Events
  • Video: Your Virtual Event's Secret Weapon
  • Reimagining Virtual Galas and Award Shows

The “Hidden Costs” of Virtual Events

Moderated by Senior Vice President of LAI Live and LAI Video Helena Lehman, this breakout session was solely about pricing in the world of virtual events. Within this session, attendees were able to ask questions and gain tactical insight into important factors to consider while planning for a virtual event. After you understand the essentials that make up your costs, explore how to price your virtual event.

Video: Your Virtual Event's Secret Weapon

LAI Video's Senior Creative Director James Favata, and Senior Vice President James Loizou tag teamed this breakout session with the top practices for utilizing video within your virtual event. Whether it's for the reception area, sponsorship, or to transition into another portion of your show, this session was jam packed with top video ideas to maximize your virtual event like how we're using our own talent to create engaging b-roll and hot tips for shooting videos at home.

Reimagining Virtual Galas and Award Shows

Vice President of LAI Live Shannon Semler hosted a session on virtual galas and award shows. With the recent urgency to transition normal in-person events to virtual experiences, we've noticed an influx of clients wanting to take their shows online. In this session, Shannon shared the best practices for preserving the show-experience and transforming it into a virtual experience. Read more about Shannon's ideas on hosting a virtual award show.

What Happened At Our First Plan V?

Over 500 meeting planners and event organizers joined us at first last Plan V event! The entire virtual event was jam packed with a ton of valuable information that has helped several companies navigate the transition from in-person to virtual events. Check out the live recording and see for yourself!

What Happened At Our Third Plan V?

As we have become more comfortable holding events virtually over the past few months, at our last Plan V event we expanded on how to improve your virtual event with 9 tips from our seasoned event producers. Check out the live recording and see for yourself!

What Happened At Our Fourth Plan V?

Viewers' expectations continue to grow and it’s time to explore how to change things up. A good place to start is by asking: “What’s your story?” That’s why we hosted the fourth of our conversations around virtual events, talking through how to differentiate your event with storytelling. Check out the live recording and see for yourself!

What Happened At Our Last Plan V?

As the world reopens, more groups are focusing on a hybrid model for their meetings moving forward. But one of the biggest challenges is getting everyone on the same page on the X’s and O’s of the hybrid model and the key plays for executing it, including: what does a hybrid model really look like, what’s important, and how do you do it? Our experts stepped up to the plate to answer the top questions about the hybrid event model and why it’s an all-star format for now and in the future. See the recording for yourself!