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Plan V - The Hybrid Homerun: Go Big and Go Home

As the world reopens, more groups are focusing on a hybrid model for their meetings moving forward. But one of the biggest challenges is getting everyone on the same page on the X’s and O’s of the hybrid model and the key plays for executing it, including: what does a hybrid model really look like, what’s important, and how do you do it?

Our experts have stepped up to the plate to answer the top questions about the hybrid event model and why it’s an all-star format for now and in the future. Below, watch as we drive home all the ways you can create equally immersive and inspiring experiences for your audience – whether virtually or in person. 

Watch The Show On-Demand

In this 45-minute live broadcast, our team executed a hybrid event to answer the most common questions around going hybrid, show how it can be done, and the ways we can help you achieve your event goals! With exciting ideas to integrate your in-person and virtual audiences, you'll leave with actionable strategies to engage your group no matter the venue.

Grab some peanuts and let us take you to the baseball diamond from the comfort of your own workspace!

The Hybrid Homerun

With every event comes challenges and complexities, so to make your life easier our LAI Live team has created these helpful resources to outline the major things to keep in mind when planning an impactful hybrid event.

  • The Hybrid Event Acronym: From wow-ing your audience to making sure virtual and in-person attendee experiences are balanced, this acronym will help you make the most of your event! 
  • The Hybrid Event Glossary: A collection of the most common hybrid event formats to help you determine the best fit for your next meeting!

Hit it Out of the Park with Visuals & Video

To make your event elevated, balanced, and engaging for both virtual and in-person attendees, Tiffany at LAI Video shared the importance of incorporating continuity graphics and captivating video content throughout your show program. From animated lower-thirds and sweeping transitions that keep your at-home viewers locked in to compelling opening videos and pre-recorded segments that excite audiences in any location, watch the video to see some great examples of enhancing the event experience with visuals.

Event Recap Reel

And to top it all off, we compressed the highlights of the fifth installment of our Plan V series into a short and sweet event recap video, highlighting what viewers can expect to learn from watching the whole recording. To learn more about event recap videos and other essential video marketing tips, click here.

Experience More Plan V Conversations

Whether you've attended all five Plan V events or this is your first session, don't worry! We have our past sessions available for you to watch. 

  • Plan V: What's The Story? talked through the 9 elements of the storytelling framework, the importance of story wrapping and story arc in creating an engaging virtual event, and also shared best practices and new ideas from the front lines to create a memorable, unique experience for your viewers.
  • Plan V: 9 Broadcast Techniques from an Event Producer’s Playbook shared 9 tricks our team of seasoned event producers use to elevate and energize an online meeting experience, and also demonstrated these techniques in action on-screen.
  • Plan V: Virtually In-Person broke down a lot of questions event professionals are facing when deciding to host a meeting virtually. With a flurry of platform options and event elements to explore, LAI is happy to provide you with consulting to help you choose the best course of action and get the most out of your online virtual meeting. 
  • Plan V: The Plan to Go Virtual starts at the beginning and really talks about why it's important to continue connecting with members, employees, and each other during this time. 

As you’re planning your next event and thinking about ways to enhance the attendee experience, a professional event producer can go a long way in helping you deliver a stand-out show no matter where your group is located.

Fill out the form below and let's get started making your next hybrid event entertaining and engaging for all!