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Our Advantage

3 Teams Working Together

We love working with our clients and they love working with us. See how our people can collaborate with your team to create great content, effective communication campaigns, and impactful events. Individually, we never fail to impress -- see what can happen when you engage a combination of our team. LAI Live specializes in designing, producing, and managing corporate events and major association meetings.

Some Things Are Better Live

For creating community or inspiring change, nothing compares to being there live. We’re experts in putting the life in live events – we’re creative, we’re adventurous, we’re battle-tested. At LAI Live, we build your stage, rig your lights, manage your production, and we’re your partners every step of the way.

Emotional, memorable, and always accessible – video is today’s most consumed medium. Our team is on the creative edge, obsessive even, diving deep into your business to craft narratives we can bring to life on screen. At LAI Video, we partner those stories with mighty micro-sites and savvy social media enhancements to deliver effective communication campaigns that reach real people.

Seeing is Believing: Video & Live

The Advantages of Working Together:

LAI lives for putting on a good show – live or on a screen. Our live and video dynamic duo deliver great ideas and enhancements like:

  • Effective use of your cameras and screens
  • “Workhorse” videos that welcome, intro, and do housekeeping in a fun way
  • Social Media assets that capture the spirit of your event
  • Happy Faces videos and post-event content for promotion

Why Everybody Talks: Speakers & Live

Anyone can talk. But it takes a special story, a special charisma to captivate an audience. Our roster of keynote speakers contains the best in politics, business, leadership, and technology as well as the  personalities behind some of today’s biggest headlines. When you book your speaker with Leading Authorities, Inc. Speakers Bureau, not only do you get the best talent, you get smooth logistics and more often than not – standing ovations and a raving audience.

The Advantages of Working Together:

Expertise. Subject matter experts + seasoned producers =

  • Strategic content and curriculum design
  • Smooth rehearsals and show management
  • One-stop entertainment procurement and production

Live + Video + Speakers = An Amazing Combination

Together the three divisions of Leading Authorities create and tell stories that inspire action and drive change. We’ll help you choose the right experts for your group, design and execute a memorable event, and use it all to tell the story of your brand, your cause, your industry through video and social campaigns that generate likes, shares, and engagement. Individually, we impress - see what can happen when you engage a combination of our team.