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Event Production, Design, & Management

LAI Live is an industry-leading live, hybrid, and virtual event production company delivering full-service audience experiences encompassing everything from production management and content design to audio-visual logistics, event technology, and the event planning process. Our seasoned live-event production team seamlessly work together to build a worry-free environment for your organization while simultaneously creating a unique and an unforgettable event experience for your audience.


Projects & Shows

Our team of event production coordinators at LAI Live is one of the best at managing numerous event types and audience experiences. We produce live, virtual, and hybrid events in D.C., working year-round to plan and execute large corporate events, annual meetings for trade associations and non-profits, commemorative awards shows and moving tribute ceremonies for corporations and academic institutions, glitzy gala events for charitable organizations, and everything in between. We work on a wide array of event types and offer a variety of event production services for each show. Check out some of our most recent award-winning in-person, hybrid, and virtual projects and live show productions below.

Ideas & Best Practices

Our dedicated event production team at LAI Live in D.C. is one of the best at delivering a successful production that meets your event goals. We understand the importance of tailoring our services to your individual needs and will work with you to create a memorable audience experience. Whether your objective is to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or provide an educational experience, our experienced event coordinators will identify an appropriate venue space, create a production schedule, and execute your event goals. Throughout the planning process, we remain flexible and keep communication lines open to ensure that everyone involved, from vendors and sponsors to attendees and stakeholders, is working together to enhance the event experience. At LAI Live, we pride ourselves on carefully designing and executing event goals to ensure the success of your event. For more information, please explore our best tips for pulling off a stellar live event, as well as updates on the latest event types and meeting trends.

Scenics, Animations, and Graphics From Our Shows

See Our Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between an AV Company and LAI Live?

A: LAI Live designs, produces, and manages events from start to finish. The event producer and creative team take a hands-on approach to deliver full-service client experiences encompassing program development, graphic design, scripting, production management, audio-visual logistics, scenic design, animation and video production, talent management, plus lead all onsite logistics and execution.   

With an AV company, you’re responsible for managing all the above elements and often get little support, creative input, or preproduction communications from your AV lead. Onsite, you’re responsible for handling the talent and handing off your run of show in hopes that it’s executed the way you’ve envisioned with few hiccups.

Q: Do you have recommendations for RFP must-haves?

A: YES!  Be honest about your budget, include a note about the audience and event vibe, share your most up-to-date conference schedule or a similar one from years past, provide a high level overview of what equipment beyond a traditional set-up your production requires in key spaces (four-cameras in GS, mics for 6-person panels in education sessions, teleprompter), and what other services you may need like creative design, video content, and speakers. Click here to learn more about submitting an RFP

Q: Does LAI Live work nationally and internationally?

A: Yes!  Our team regularly works nationwide with our full scope of services.  Internationally, our team provides all services except our team works on your behalf to source local AV equipment and labor that’s necessary for the show.  As with nationwide shows, your LAI Live Producer will be there during load-in to oversee the build and to run technical rehearsals.

Q: Can I use LAI Live’s Producers if I’m using in-house AV?

A: Absolutely!  While LAI provides scenic design and industry-elite AV equipment and technicians, our Producers can also work with in-house AV or your preferred AV company.  Our Producers, Designers, and Stage Managers can work anywhere you need us which allows for flexibility in your budget and event locations while keeping the consistency of a Producing team that you and your key event contributors will come to know and trust. 

Working Together

We love working with our clients and they love working with us. Together, the three divisions of Leading Authorities, Inc. help our clients to create and tell stories that inspire action and drive change. At LAI Live, we are not just a corporate event production company or another one of the live production companies, we’re a full-service live event production and management firm that will elevate and enhance every aspect of your show and take your event to the next level. See how we can collaborate with your team to create compelling content, effective communication campaigns, and impactful and unforgettable events through our live production services. Individually, we never fail to exceed expectations and impress—see what can happen when you engage a combination of our team.