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Virtual Event Solutions

We’re here to ensure your meetings and events go on! We offer several virtual meeting and event solutions that are designed to fulfill the initial goal of your organization's event, while still preserving audience engagement and interaction.

These services include:

Event Production, Design, & Management

We are more than lights, mics, and stages. LAI Live is an industry-leading live event production company delivering full-service client experiences encompassing everything from program development, content design, production management, audio-visual logistics, event technology, and much more. Our team of seasoned live event producers seamlessly work together to build a worry-free environment for your team while simultaneously creating a unique and an unforgettable event experience for your audience.

Interactive Virtual Business & Events Guide

In this interactive guide, we’ll be sharing our lessons-learned, best practices, and tips for staying connected during these times of uncertainty, covering three main areas:

  • Virtual Event Solutions
  • Virtual Communication Solutions
  • Content Trends: What We’re Seeing

Working Together

We love working with our clients and they love working with us. Together, the three divisions of Leading Authorities, Inc. help our clients to create and tell stories that inspire action and drive change. At LAI Live, we’re a full-service live event production and management firm that will elevate and enhance every aspect of your show and take your event to the next level. See how we can collaborate with your team to create compelling content, effective communication campaigns, and impactful and unforgettable events. Individually, we never fail to exceed expectations and impress—See what can happen when you engage a combination of our team.