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Virtual Event Producer

Whether you are filming, streaming, or planning logistics for a virtual event, our team is here to manage each detail with precision. 

Our producers at LAI work with your team to make your event objectives come to life in the comfort of your own home. While usually our team is pounding the pavement through convention centers across the country, we are now focused on bringing your event into the virtual world with care and thought – ready to help you with everything you need execute your next virtual meeting seamlessly.

You may be wondering, "What can they do that I can't?" A producer enhances your virtual event experience for you, your attendees, and your presenters – project managing and providing a macro-view of your event to give you the time to focus on the other important aspects of your meeting. See examples of how production impacts the virtual event experience.

Take a look at our variety of virtual event production services below. 


Virtual Event Producer: Pre-Production Management

  • Build and adapt production timelines
  • Oversee virtual event platform design and build. Learn more about the different platform packages.
  • Oversee event theme, graphics design, and creative process
  • AV and stream logistics, coordination, and management
  • Speaker and Talent coordination
  • Develop and maintain project budgets

Have a question? Let's talk! Give us a call at 202-783-0300.

Virtual Event Producer: Day-Of Execution

  • Be the point-of-contact for speakers, partners, staff, and other vendors that fall within our purview
  • Run pre-stream planning meetings with all remote teams
  • Stage management for program elements within the main event location
  • Oversee all production logistics, including tech rehearsals and broadcast execution. Learn ways to mitigate tech risks.
  • Manage all late changes to show content, ensuring scripts and assets are up-to-date

Most importantly, the LAI team is a proactive partner who helps problem solve and deliver a brand enhancing experience! Our virtual event management is a wonderful addition to your next virtual event.  

Livechat with a member of our team right now. 

Live Broadcast Production

Our broadcast-style programming will deliver the quality of network television. As a leading virtual event production company, you will have the highest quality end product. Viewers will experience a program that switches between single speaker shots, picture-in-picture, or multi-presenter panels, all while incorporating graphics and videos. Presenters have their own custom views to help facilitate smooth transitions. Features include:

  • Half-day technical rehearsals with all speakers prior to broadcast
  • Speaker view will simulate a downstage confidence monitor
  • Virtual "Waiting Room" for speakers prior to going live to check camera and speak with other presenters
  • Live switching with graphics content, video support, and cameras to simulate an in-person general session
  • Option for custom graphics behind speakers (ideal sponsorship opportunities). 
  • Technical Crew includes: Streaming Video Engineer, Audio Engineer, & Graphics Operator

Learn more about our Virtual Event Packages.

Virtual/Hybrid Options

Below are some options that exist for streaming live for your event venue: all live or recorded content will be captured at your event utilizing some existing audio-visual equipment.

  • Broadcast of General Session: Broadcast your general session program feed to any livestream of video sharing website
  • Broadcast with Camera - Breakout Room: Stream with camera, PowerPoint, and audio from your breakouts
  • Broadcast No Camera - Breakout Room: Broadcast PowerPoint and audio sync from your breakouts
  • Record for On-Demand Viewing - Breakout Room: Record PowerPoint and audio from your breakouts for on-demand viewing within 24 hours of session

We can customize according to your needs. Shoot us an email at

Let's Work Together

Virtual events are the new convention hall with event design and theme graphics that capture the attention of your virtual attendees. Content must be engaging, speakers and presenters must be practiced, deadlines must be met, and budgets must be adhered to.

At LAI Live, we are not a tech company. We are a team of seasoned meeting producers with a background in broadcast television, live events, and talent management. When you work with us, you get real people, with years of real event production experience, and real virtual event experience, too. 

We understand that now working remotely you may be faced with a whole new set of problems. From pre-production to day-of execution of your virtual event, our Producers stand ready to make your virtual meeting a success.

The LAI Live difference

Don't let the fast-paced changes from the recent world news throw you off your event game. Our team is ready to help you create a spectacular event that is safe for you and your attendees. Our virtual event services are top-notch.

Contact our sales team today to get your virtual meeting rolling: Give us a call at 202-783-0300, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Have any questions about your virtual events? Check our our Virtual Event FAQs

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