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Creating Session Moments through Sub-Branding

Well-designed visual content is a must-have element for any professional production. But it doesn’t have to stop with just the main event theme. Main stage sessions that contain a variety of segments, awards, or features can visually signal to the audience a new segment is beginning by celebrating with their own visual identities while staying on-brand during the rest of the show.

Over the course of a show or convention spanning several days, it can be a great way to keep graphics fresh and pleasing to the eye while getting the most mileage out of the visual brand developed for the event.

LAI Live Producers work with our clients to develop the moments within the show that deserve a few extra content highlights. Through creative “sub-branding,” our Creative Director and designers leverage the primary event brand for unique looks and often incorporate a new element or uniquely styled titling to give each segment a clearly delineated visual moment in the programming.

Example of A Primary Visual Brand Theme

For one client, we utilized this approach during the President’s initiative launch for the upcoming year. In the same convention, the association launched a separate nationwide program for their members while highlighting resources and key components of the program. By filling the screens with branding and other key identifiers, we were able to create instantly recognizable branded assets that the association then used throughout the next year to build on the branded experience attendees got at the convention.

National League of Cities LED ScreensNational League of Cities LED ScreensNational League of Cities LED Screens

With another client, we used “sub-branding” to highlight key segments of the general sessions.

IFA LED Screens

IFA LED Screens

Primary Branding For The Convention, From Which Elements Were Drawn

With awards spread throughout three days of programming, we identified them not just by category and name, but by filling the screen with celebratory graphics that drew on the brighter hues of the branding color palette. As we transitioned into the awards, the screens, along with lighting, turned a yellow-gold hue to announce the moment.

IFA Yellow Graphic

IFA Green and Yellow Graphic with the words "Franchise 10x" across the screen

A specialty segment consisting of three 7-minute hot seat interviews was brought to life with energetic green graphics – signaling to the audience this wasn’t going to be a normal fireside chat. Another segment with the convention general session highlighted their professional certification program.

IFA Blue Graphic with the words certified franchise executives across the graphic

This program featured its own pre-determined branding and color palette from the organization, so we drew on it for our unique look for that segment. Our designers blended the creative artwork of the event with the program branding to create a unique feel in each segment while staying true to the brand palette and textures of the entire show.

Supporting your organization in achieving its key messaging goals in the live production environment is constantly top of mind in our creative process. When it comes to creative graphic content, we leverage your brand to create special moments in the show that will stick with your attendees throughout the year!

Looking to Incorporate Sub-Branding Into Your Next Event?