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CEO Update Roundtable Summit


The three dividions of Leading Authorities, Inc.—LAI Live, LAI Video, and LAI Speakers Bureau—partnered together to help CEO Update host a day-long event for Washington, DC-based CEOs aimed at connecting members with trending ideas, experts, and one another. CEO Update wanted to create an intimate, high-end experience that was conducive to sharing ideas, discussing concepts, and connecting those concepts back to attendees’ day-to-day. Here’s how we did it.

Carefully Curated Content

Selecting the right experts was key to setting the tone and delivering insights that mattered to this high-level audience of Washington, DC-based leaders. The Leading Authorities, Inc. speakers hit on the issues that these CEOs and their stakeholders are constantly analyzing, including the rapidly changing business environmentevolved leadership strategiesculture change, and technological innovation.

Seamless Transitions

Another important element of the day was creating seamless transitions that kept the energy high. Our speakers all dovetailed off one another, so that the sequencing of the presentations made sense and built on one another.

For example, in the morning, our audience heard about technological disruption, followed by a conversation on leadership structures that capitalize on faster communication channels, as well as a look at using networks and “weak ties” to get answers more quickly. That evolution led to some great lunch conversations on the new possibilities stemming from advancing technologies. Then, in the afternoon, attendees heard from a CEO who assumed a leadership role at a time their business was being impacted by “viral” news stories and got an overview of the news of the day from a former Pentagon official, leading to conversations on the current headlines and what challenges and opportunities they present.

Keeping It Classy

To create the right atmosphere of luxury and freedom from everyday concerns, our team selected a venue that was both just outside the typical Washington, DC bubble and was small—meaning it only held our event. There were no interruptions and it felt private.

Just the Right Amount of A/V

Our team used a low stage, which allowed presenters to walk on and off stage easily and interact with the audience, and “just the right amount of A/V”—meaning great videos and presentations, using apps to allow for polling and anonymous questions, and a white board and hand-held mics for real-time discussions and demonstrations of concepts as they arose.

In terms of video, the show opened with an aspirational video that outlined the objectives of the day while connecting the program to its news-driven host, the publication CEO Update. The video also set the expectation that the day was about education, ideas, and expertise. Each presenter was introduced with a short video, created by the LAI Video team, that carried this continuity and connected the speaker’s topic with the audience’s concerns and outlined why that speaker was the best choice on the subject matter.

The Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that pull an event all together: Like golden solar powered charging banks that showed up at attendee tables just as their phones were about to run out of battery. Or the branded glass coffee cups that made the usual morning coffee service feel special. The fun popcorn station and old school ice cream cart made participants smile during the afternoon break.

Managed and Designed By

With more than 15 years experience as an event producer, Shannon has produced everything from multi-million dollar, nationally-televised events to a nationwide…

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Kate Burns is the chief operating officer at Leading Authorities. With a 10+ year background with LAI, Kate is involved across the company in executing our plans for growth, helping build a company that creates value and opportunity for all of us in the years ahead.

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Katie Nesbit-Blackburn joined LAI Live with over a decade of experience in all facets of event production.

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