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Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation


MAPI, the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, saw an opportunity to build a new event, for CEOs and senior executives in the manufacturing industry. 

The Challenge

Design and Launch a new event for an association of manufacturing executives in an environment of competitive pressures on time and budget, as well as other events. 

The Solution

LAI LIVE convened a team of executives from MAPI to design the new event as a strategic offering that would both present a unique learning and networking opportunity, as well as create a platform for MAPI to advance the business of the association and its members.  Over one day, LAI LIVE led them group through a series of visioning exercises to establish key potential audience segments, marketing messages and event look and feel.  The event was built from a series of impressions that would guide the process through execution.  Impressions included modern, streamlined, and customizable.

Using these impressions, our team provided recommendations on the venue, designed and built a stage set, created graphics, and developed a show flow and booked speakers that would deliver.  The event was also built to be an efficient use of time for those who would attend; one and a half days, in Chicago, a location easily accessible to the majority of attendees.  The MAPI Annual Executive Summit is now in its fourth year and attendance continues to grow.

Managed and Designed By

Helena Lehman is responsible for building the company’s business in content marketing strategy among its clientele.

Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience working with LAI customers in all aspects of our business. She maintains production schedules, manages workflow and tracks…