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Association Leadership Awards 2017


LAI LIVE and LAI Video had the pleasure of partnering with CEO Update to produce their fourth annual Association Leadership Awards. While last year’s show took attendee engagement to a record high using interactive graphics and new technology, our goal for this year was to build on that momentum, and take audience participation to a new level. To do that, we decided on the theme of “calculated risks” and wove that story through each part of our event.

Running with the theme of risk taking

Rather than using traditional interview-style or resume recapping videos, our team asked award winners to highlight a risky moment in their careers that ultimately paid off. For these well-known association execs, it provided a chance to share something new with colleagues and friends. These powerful stories, combined with fun, animated, “Schoolhouse Rock”-style graphics gave the audience a great introduction to our three winners—Susan Neely, Stephen Lieber and Jerry Giovaniello.

Embracing risk for the sake of entertainment

Doing something new at an event can be nerve-wrecking, but calculated risks often pay off in a large way. This year our team decided to send our emcee into the audience to engage with attendees and ask questions about their biggest risks in life. While there was a small chance audience members would decline to participate, the attendees embraced the discussion style forum and felt more connected to the theme of the event.

New tech and Buzzfeed style risk assessment quizzes

We wanted our attendees to interact with each other during the general reception, so we upgraded our tech to touch screen TVs and built fun, Buzzfeed-style quizzes to help people figure out their “risk-taking style.” Attendees had a blast taking the quiz together and comparing results. This quick activity gave everyone a change to engage with the theme of the event without disrupting the flow of the reception.

Risky moves on stage

To bring some life into the beginning and end of the presentation, our team developed an intro video using a parkour stunt double. Not only did the video get the audience excited for the upcoming show, but it also helped bring the program full circle, by ending the program with our stunt man doing backflips onstage! Do you have an upcoming event we could help with? Let us know by calling our team at 202-783-0300 or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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