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The Spotlight: Spring Is Here


We're looking at: how budgets are spent (70% say you currently spend the majority of your budget on one thing-- can you guess what it is?), how we recently reinvigorated a favorite client's annual conference with a new idea, and how we combined politics and sports at a recent event. Plus, we're offering a little sneak peek inside our suitcases as we showcase the "must-have items" for a work-week away.


LAI Spend Graphics


LAI Run of Show

Be sure to download LAI's 2019 Magazine: Run of Show. It's filled with hot trends, cool articles, and a snapshot of some of our projects.


LAI IFA Edition

How did we help a show that continues to grow and thrive, stay on the cutting edge of engagement? We started in the foyer! Wanting to play off one of the hot event trends this year, FOMO, LAI Live designed a Media Booth that played host to a variety of activities. The main events each day were dedicated to in-depth interviews with key convention influencers and streamed on Facebook Live. But we didn't stop there! See pics and read more about the media booth, general session scenic design, and a towering show-stopper! READ MORE


Looking for a way to make a big impression on attendees, without spending a large chunk of the budget? Whether ideating from scratch, or reimagining an interaction seen elsewhere, LAI Live loves to jump in and brainstorm cool, cost-saving solutions! Some of the solutions we've enacted recently include photo spots vs. photo booth, a new take on digital signage, avoiding the dreaded delay screens, and bringing in a skilled amateur. READ MORE


LAI Score

We're always up for a good challenge and that is what came to us via our friends at The Association for Home Appliance Manufacturers. Having tapped into the colorful landscape of Phoenix for their previous event, they were concerned that their upcoming event in our nation's capital would become dominated by traditional red, white, and blue branding. With programming focused heavily on politics, they chose the theme, Know the Score, to focus on the grittier end of data, stats and outcomes with subtle sports metaphors. Find out how we embraced the theme and took on the challenge of combining politics and sports into a traditional meeting environment. READ MORE


LAI Producers' Packing Process​​​​​​​

  • Step 1: The Clothes Stack - After quickly unpacking from the last trip, three hours of laundry, some hasty folding, and clever packing, your clothes are good to go!
  • Step 2: The Promise - "I'm totally working out this time. It's happening," was the last thing I ever said to my gym clothes.
  • Step 3: Fashion vs. Productivity - Always pack comfortable shoes. They may not be stylish but you're backstage, anyways!
  • Step 4: Tabs - Honestly, tabs are just fun! Throw in five packs for good measure.
  • Step 5: The Crucial Item -  Without a belt, the show just can't go on. 
  • Step 6: The Whatever It Takes Item - Ballrooms are always freezing. Pack four fleeces or a parka. Basically, whatever it takes to stay warm.
  • Step 7: The Professional Item - There's never a headset out there as comfortable as your own.
  • Step 8: It's Time To Get Clever - The clipboard is a great way to squish down items in your suitcase, making room for snacks.
  • Step N/A: This Never Leaves The Bag - The importance of a corkscrew rivals the belt. Never take it out of the bag at home!

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