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Enhance Your Event with Auxiliary Stages

Auxiliary stage on a dark purple background

With stage time maxing out with required programming, auxiliary stages are popping up everywhere to create more program opportunities. Innovation presentation stages in the lobby, mini-super sessions, media booths, side stages in GS—basically open space is fair game! Aux stages are a great way to test the response to up-and-coming speakers, provide time for sponsors, or show-off new technologies to your attendees! 


Continuously bringing content to different areas of your event can be vital in maintaining messaging and providing sought after educational opportunities. Utilizing auxiliary stages to do so can be a useful tool to create an elevated experience for the hot topics that haven’t reached the main stage. They can also be utilized as areas of engagement or provide a way to celebrate your membership. 


To provide more educational opportunities, many groups are creating a secondary stage for high-level sessions that may not be able to fit within the general session programming. These secondary stages can incorporate elements of the main stage to create continuity whether that’s using scenic similar scenic elements or matching graphics. 


A popular trend is creating small stages throughout a venue, commonly called ‘innovation stages.’ These can be located throughout an exhibit hall, in high-traffic areas or reception spaces. These can be used for product demonstrations but a more engaging use is hosting innovation or case study competitions, with the top to groups competing on the general session stage. 


Hearing from leadership is always an important part of a conference but many attendees want to hear from their peers as well. While not a traditional stage, an elevated media booth can be a useful tool to engage with your membership. You can schedule interviews with key speakers, adding seats around the stage for a small audience, or just snag attendees as they walk by. Media booths are also a great sponsorship opportunity with custom graphics and call outs in the discussions. 


Side stages in a general session space is a great way to get more people on stage, creating a more dynamic program. This is especially the case if you have recognition ceremonies that require large groups of people to be on stage or if you want to give all of your award winners an extra moment of recognition at your gala. With careful planning, you can have programming alternating between all of the stages or have additional photo op areas while the main programming still takes place on the ‘main stage.’ LAI live has utilized these stages for several events, cutting one award ceremony from 1.5 hours to just 40 minutes. 

No matter how you set the stage (pun intended) for your event, providing additional and easily accessible content to your attendees will help draw people in year-to-year. 

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