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Creative Ways to Use Video at Your Virtual Event


Our human attention span is shorter than ever – and so is your virtual audience’s. So when they tune in to your virtual event, surrounded by the distractions of home life, how can you ensure you’re holding their attention?

Using high-quality video throughout your virtual program is a great way elevate your content while keeping your audience engaged – and can transform your meeting into an unforgettable remote experience. 61% of marketers use video as an interactive element to keep people engaged.

Engagement and Interaction Marketing Stats for Virtual Events

At LAI Live, we work with our colleagues at LAI Video to enhance our clients’ virtual events with a variety of content and continuity elements. Keep scrolling to learn a little more about the types of videos we use to truly elevate the virtual event experience.


The Show Opener

When’s the last time something moved you? How do you want your audience to feel when they enter your event space? 

  • Custom “motionography” and “showography” combine shapes, movement, sounds, and images designed around your event’s purpose to tell a story, elevate the energy, and create a real experience for attendees. A show opener could showcase featured speakers, capture key ideas, or communicate the company mission and conference themes.  
  • Still graphics like photos and words are great for communicating functional information but if you want to wow attendees and set the tone for your virtual event, consider incorporating a show opener to create something truly moving. 


Speaker Intros

Quickly introduce your keynote speakers with short, inspiring videos that tease biographical bits with fast-moving visuals.

  • Speaker intro videos are attention-grabbing and a great way to add color to your keynote speaker and their message. This new wave of engaging speaker introductions is definitely growing in popularity! Companies invest a lot of time and thought into their speaker lineups, so having a video kick off the introduction really helps set the stage and connects the audience with the speaker.
  • A good place to start is to ask your speaker or your speakers bureau if they have an introductory video available. Some speakers have invested time and energy into a special introduction ready to roll, others are happy to share video clips that can be edited with personal photos, music text, and voice over to fit the theme of your event. This is a great option too as it creates continuity, especially if you have multiple speakers.  

Sponsor Recognition

Supercharge your sponsorships with beautiful displays that loop during specific portions of the event.

  • Sponsors are a big part of the events industry and vital contributors to conferences around the world. Their endorsements create a special relationship that enables companies, associations and corporations to come together. In a virtual environment we can have even more fun highlighting sponsors. From animated logos to video messaging, there are lots of ways to recognize and celebrate sponsors in the virtual environment.
  • Read more ways you can highlight and engage your sponsors virtually.

Animated Graphics Package

Adapt your organization’s brand to a virtual event experience with custom theming, moving backdrops, transitional elements, and more.

  • We’re used to seeing movement, color, and images when we look at a screen, and luckily today’s virtual meeting spaces present a lot of opportunity for visual stimulation that can be applied to the majority of meeting platforms available today.  Graphics packages enhance the user experience with animated lower thirds, bumpers, and transitional elements to keep viewers engaged.
  • Learn more about how to incorporate graphics at your virtual event.


Hosted Remarks

If it doesn’t need to be live, pre-record important executive messages can be edited and enhanced with supporting graphics. 

Honor Your Guest

Continue to celebrate your industry icons with powerful testimonies from colleagues, friends, and family (their remote tributes may be more powerful than ever!).

  • Whether we’re social distancing or back in full swing, there are many ways to capture meaningful content with a guests of honor video. From funny stories and shared memories to mash ups of endearing personality traits – it’s important to create the right combination to help your audience get to know your honorees and their accomplishments.  
  • Read more tips for going virtual with your award show.

The Community Message

Bring your audience together with a poignant, professionally-narrated address to your employees or members on the front lines – with moving stock and user-generated footage.

  • Use powerful scripting and imagery from your community and its members to create poignant messaging inspired by and for your organization.
  • LAI, in collaboration with ASAE, PCMA, ALHI, League of Cities, RSVP Catering, and Josh Earnest, created this community message to support the events industry as we face unprecedented challenges and look forward to better days. These types of messages are a great way to stay in touch and reach a larger audience.

The Donation Video

Remind audiences of your organization’s mission, meaningful work, and goals before you start the fundraising portion of your event.

  • From interviews to b-roll footage, scripting and animation, create a video that captures all the right elements and messaging from your organization. Our colleagues at LAI Video were thrilled to partner with No Kid Hungry in 2019 for their donation video. Donation videos create an opportunity to showcase and share the hard work and success stories in your organization and grow your community outreach.


The Orientation Video

The virtual event world is new to many of us, and likely new to a lot of your attendees. How can you make sure your audience is prepared to navigate the software?

  • Set attendee expectations with a friendly orientation video that answers questions about the platform, previews the program itself, and gets viewers excited for this one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Using fun, light-hearted messaging with supporting visuals from the platform, you can prep your audience for the experience they’ll be presented with at your virtual event. For one of LAI’s virtual events, 2020 Events Plan V: Virtually In-Person, LAI Video’s own Rob Kramer starred and produced a pre-event orientation video that we sent out to registrants before the session. This helped to outline the user-friendly features that were available to use throughout the program, while also making attendees feel comfortable once they arrived “onsite.”

The Promo/Recap

Don’t forget to promote your event, even a virtual one!

  • Utilize the rich content you’re creating or had produced at your virtual event to spread the word about your event, company, and industry. Repackage highlights of your conference into a fun, fast, content-rich recap video – where you can incorporate tv-worthy graphics and unforgettable moments while reinforcing your organization’s greater offerings.
  • Whether it be any of the types of videos we listed above, session recordings, highlights of the event chat, networking experiences, or any other facet of your event, there are a bunch of different moments to capture when it comes to a virtual event! Compiling these into a promo/recap video is a great way to showcase the remote attendee experience, create FOMO for those who didn’t attend, and hopefully grow excitement and attendance for your next gathering.


We’d love to have a conversation around your event and brainstorm ways to incorporate video and other engaging elements to elevate your virtual event. Contact us today:

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