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Ways to Incorporate Graphics Into Your Virtual Event

Virtual event graphics

As we all jump into virtual events, we need to be thinking about how to stand out and engage our virtual audience with a cohesive, polished look. How are you making your virtual event look professional? There are a few ways you can ensure your livestream event is elevating your brand with graphics.

Live Stream Graphics 

Event Microsite

  • Custom event graphic used throughout your microsite: Event banner, Event header, footer, unique individual page headers
  • Graphics to recognize your sponsors

Event Marketing

  • Email design elements
  • Graphics for your social campaign around your event

Depending on how large your virtual event is, the volume of graphics you need can really escalate. LAI is well-suited for all of your design needs. Whether designing for an entire microsite, or developing live show graphics for best highlighting your speakers and content, we’ll create a professionally-polished look for your virtual event. We can work quickly by your side to create all the variations you need to create a fully immersive experience for your attendees. 

Not only do you need the bandwidth and graphic design skills on your team to accomplish graphics that will will impress your audience, you may also be facing a challenging theme balancing optimism and the realities of what we are all dealing with in our current environment. See how we helped a client combine sport and politics in a brand enhancing way.

After your virtual event, there could be an opportunity to repurpose your new visuals into a comprehensive communication campaign or an interactive digital report to get more value out of your event. 

Check out some examples of our graphics in our gallery.

Let's brainstorm about all the ways we can work together to elevate your virtual program. Fill out our form below or give us a call at 202-783-0300!

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