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Virtual Meeting Platform Packages

The LAI Live Events team offers more than just our time. We offer our expertise in creating a seamless virtual or hybrid event for you. From pre-produced content to audience engagement, our team stands ready to provide you and your organization with the virtual event package that fits your needs.

We will help you select the best platform for your event, we're platform agnostic! We will develop and design the virtual events platform experience either on an existing platform or a custom-built event website.

Basic Virtual Event Platform

For your next virtual event, the basic platform offers a customizable template for your needs. This platform is ideal for large virtual events with moving pieces or an event with a quick timeline. It is intuitive and user friendly with plenty of opportunities for sponsor recognition and branding.

Here are Basic Platform Package Specs:

  • Ability to add pre-recorded content and supporting resources to the platform
  • Moderated live chat, polling, and Q&A for each session
  • Unlimited viewers, pages, and sessions
  • Virtual Exhibit Halls: Unlimited booths, individual branding, and chat box for real time conversations
  • Easy-to-use registration platform
  • Multiple sponsorship and branding opportunities

Chat with a member of our team to discuss virtual event platform options. 

Modern Platform Package

A customizable, more modern template for platform design. User-friendly with multiple opportunities for attendee connection, the Modern platform is an ideal platform for facilitating virtual networking.

Here are Modern Platform Package Specs:

  • Moderated live chat, polling, and Q&A for each session
  • Small group video chat rooms
  • 1:1 private meeting scheduling
  • Virtual Exhibitor Showcase
  • Easy-to-find speakers and sessions search
  • Multiple sponsorship and branding opportunities

Email us at to learn more.

Business Level Virtual Event Platform

This Business Level three-dimensional event platform features easy-to-navigate simulated spaces that mirror an in-person event, allowing your attendees to network, interact with your sponsors, and engage with your content. Ideal for events that are entertaining a fully virtual, and as close to an “in-person” experience as possible.

Here are the specs for a Business Level Platform Package:

  • Chat, Q&A, and Polling Features available
  • Multi-dimensional event spaces include: Exhibit Hall, Lobby, Auditorium
  • Networking Tools with video chat available
  • Payment collection technology
  • Multiple sponsorship and branding opportunities
  • Ability to view live and on-demand sessions as well as 100% mobile compatibility

Have a question? Give us a call at 202-783-0300. 

Elite Level Platform Package

Through our Elite Level Platform, your audience will experience a custom microsite that houses the operation of your entire virtual event. Custom, custom, custom. All your graphic and design needs as well as your user experience will be designed specifically for you and your organization's needs. 

Here are the specs for an Elite Platform Package:

  • Pre-Event Experience Includes:
    • Designed event theme and elevated look & feel
    • Wireframe mock-ups and construction for each page
    • Save the Date (with option to include video)
    • Form to register new attendees (connected to your CRM tool)
  • Day-of-Event Experience Includes:
    • Live stream viewing and pre-recorded video functionality
    • Resource uploads or click-throughs
    • Social media aggregate
  • Post-Event Experience Includes:
    • Gallery of recorded videos/streams from event
    • Option to advertise your next event date

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started!

Which Virtual Meeting Platform is Best for You?

Depending on your organization and the type of event that you are planning on hosting, each package will offer different benefits to fit your needs. Additionally, deciding which virtual event platform is the best option for event is equally as important. Although it may be hard to firmly say "here's a list of the best platforms for virtual meetings" since every organization and event need is different, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of different virtual event and hybrid platforms from our experience with them over the past year. 

While sorting through event platforms, it is important to keep in mind that each platform has their own pricing structures, and some platform elements require additional costs. The virtual event platforms that we’ve reviewed are Pathable, Engagez, Hubb, VFairs, Hopin, and Cadmium. Things that vary between each of these platforms are who does the platform build (whether it is you/your production company or the platform), how user friendly each is, whether tech support is offered, how large of an audience can attend the hosted meeting, networking and engagement functions, and branding opportunities. Depending on what you want to accomplish and how you want your event to play out will help determine which virtual meeting platform is best for you.

Platform Package Benefits

Our team of virtual event producers stand ready to take your next event to the next level. We will work alongside your team to help you deliver the desired level of production and achieve your event goals. With your virtual meeting platform, our team can make your ideas come to life in a customizable package. Virtual event design is a necessary step in your virtual meeting process and we stand by ready to help. As virtual event planners, we are prepared so ask us anything. 

Contact us today to brainstorm how we can partner together on all things virtual: