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How to Use AI to Create New Value in Events

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One of the top questions our clients ask us is: "What are some cool, new AI technologies I can use to elevate my event experience?"  Tech is a tactic in pursuit of some other goal.  Event goals are many; but purposeful and memorable are two that drive ROI and WOM (word of mouth.) 

This means layering tools and tactics that cement the IN-PERSON value and create memories that accurately remind the attendees of the event. AI and other tech tools can guide, nudge , or transform these elements to make them more memorable and purposeful.   

Here are 4 great ways to integrate AI at your next event:

Networking and Attendee Experience 

Live business conferences thrive on face-to-face networking. Finding ways to increase those opportunities during your event increases attendee satisfaction and offers strong ROI to keep your attendees coming back year after year.  

  • Use AI and facial recognition technology to reduce attendee queues, automate the check-in process, and get your attendees to their networking opportunities faster.  

  • Add structure and purpose to create an environment for many meaningful connections with AI-powered matchmaking in your event app. You can connect your attendees with exhibitors or sponsors with products that align with their needs or peers attending the same sessions and activities. 

  • Gain valuable customer insights and keep your attendees engaged with AI-powered push notifications in your app or AI-powered SMS Messages on their phones. 

General Sessions – Unique and Unpredictable

The backbone of many events lies in the meticulously planned general sessions, which are highly structured in content, seating, and timing. How can you use tech to inject something different? 

  • Add chatbots to quickly respond to attendee queries and streamline the Q&A process.  

  • Include AI-powered polling tools to create interactive and engaging presentations, capture attendee interest data and fine-tune your content strategy to focus on what resonates most with attendees in each session to enhance the overall value of your event. 

Capturing Memorable Event Experiences  

Infuse a personalized touch into your event by harnessing the immersive power of virtual and augmented reality to craft customized filters.  

  • Use VR/AR event filters to add a fun interactive element when attendees capture moments with their phones at awards and recognition programs. 

  • Leverage attendee-generated content to create FOMO and take advantage of free event promotion during your event. 

Marketing/Promotion and Content Creation 

Creating compelling visuals and distinct content year-after-year to promote your event can be challenging and time-consuming. Enter the era of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT or image creation programs like DALL-E. 

  • Effortlessly generate a month's worth of social media content in mere seconds. 

  • Craft fresh and engaging copy. 

  • Optimize for SEO. 

  • Generate fun hashtags.

Integrate AI into your event with LAI Live

No matter the size of your event AI in the right hands can ensure your event runs smoothly, let us help you out:

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