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Creative Production For Your Next Sales Meeting


Here are some examples of how LAI Live can help you make your next sales meetings more of an engaging and motivating experience for your team.

With the LAI Live team by your side, there are always opportunities to get creative and design interactive experiences for your audience.

Graphic Design Package

Let LAI Live take the lead in designing original, dynamic graphics featuring pops of movement to enhance the visual experience look for your sales meeting and matches your event theme.


Learning Concepts

Some people learn better by doing! Taking this into consideration, the LAI Live team can create fun, interactive simulations and demonstrations for your sales team.

  • Shark Tank – Crowd source (with your sales team) a video contest for a new TV spot or website identity piece. Leverage your sales team competitive spirit by making this an incentive prize challenge to address an issue or innovate around an opportunity to move the industry forward. LAI can work with you to secure judges, design and promote the contest, and stage the live Shark Tank-style session.
  • Get Active – Partner with a fitness-centered organization like Soul Cycle or Fly Wheel Sports (whose former CEO, Sarah Robb O’Hagan used to be CEO of Gatorade.) This can be a fun opportunity to do an activity that is more engaging and gets your sales team truly motivated.

Ideas For Engagement

Touchscreen TV – Engage attendees with a survey or a fun, interactive quiz.

Photo Mosaic Wall – Encourage attendees to share a photo from the event on their social media channels or provide print-out on-site.

On-site product branding – Attendees choose from a selection of products featuring your company logo.

Video Wall – Loop video or sponsor content in a high-definition, curved video wall.

Branded Tattoo – Engage your sales team in a fun and creative way by providing temporary tattoos. These branded tattoos will not only be an ice-breaker for attendees at the event but will get your sales team feeling more loyal and excited about working for your organization!

Another way to revitalize your sales meeting is by bringing in a seasoned storyteller. Check out our curated list of the top 16 perfect speakers for your next sales meeting to help you to find the ideal fit for your next live event or show based on your event's topic, theme, location, and audience, etc.

The LAI Live team can work with you to create the ideal environment for your company’s sales team to be revitalized at your next sales meeting. LAI Live is an extension of your team and will be there to make sure every piece of the production is well thought out and ready for showtime.

Ready to Talk?

To learn more about how LAI Live can help take your next sales meeting to a whole new level, contact us today!

You can also fill out the form below, call the team at 202-783-0300 or live chat with a member of the team right now.

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