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Behind the Look: American Trucking Associations

Behind the Look: American Truckers Association

For its first in-person Management Conference & Exhibition since the beginning of the pandemic, the team at the American Trucking Associations wanted to make a big, memorable visual impact. Our goal was to create artwork that matched and heightened the excitement of the team, the exhibitors, and participants. An exciting new set of screens and scenic pieces came together to form a unique canvas to engage the audience. 

The client team wanted to communicate two primary visual messages in the branded artwork for the show:

  1. The idea of moving forward and progressing 
  2. An emphasis on technological advancement 

    To achieve these messaging goals, we created a visual concept based loosely on the idea of two revolving abstract wheels on the sides of the screens. The color palette was taken from the client team’s brand identity standards and combined to form an updated gradient treatment that spanned the entire stage set. 

    The style of the ‘wheels’ themselves was inspired by the idea of a hologram heads-up display that you might find in the dashboard of advanced state-of-the-art trucks and advanced tech devices. 

    Motion animation was applied to the different pieces of the wheels to give them a constant feeling of motion on screen throughout the show as a background element. This provided an extra layer of polish that enhanced the viewing experience for participants and brought even more visual interest and life to the unique stage elements and visual content. 

    All these pieces came together for a significant ‘wow factor’ at the in-person show and exceeded client and attendee expectations alike! 

    ATA Stage with Truck

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