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Accenting Spaces with LED Screens

CEO Update Roundtable LED Screen

Many times, it can feel like your show needs something new to add a visual ‘wow’ factor. While most content-heavy visuals are usually presented in larger screens, showing off some more eye candy for your audience that ties the space together can greatly boost the show’s production value. Giving attendees’ eyes more to explore throughout the general session and venue spaces keeps them guessing, curious, and engaged.

5 LED Screens that showcase a city lit up and lively

One way to accomplish this is with adding LED panels to your show. These content-flexible screens provide great bang-for-your-buck value and bring a heightened level of polish to your content.

Maybe your event theming involves cityscape photography…build the panels on different planes at different heights to create the illusion of an electrified cityscape. This visually broadens the stage and creates a cohesive feel across the space, with plenty to look at… 

During an awards ceremony or maybe a dance party later the same night, use the panels to display some custom video textures and visually underscore the value of an award being given or to get the party started!

National League of Cities LED Screens     National League of Cities LED Screens Minimal

Perhaps your show’s creativity is more minimalistic. Use some LED panels to punctuate the set and give it some texture and movement with custom video content.   

LED panels provide an excellent way to elevate your production value and create opportunities to visually engage your audience in new and surprising ways. Contact us here, we’d love to brainstorm how to incorporate them into your next show!

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