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Electronic Retailing Association "Moxie Awards"


Every year, the Electronic Retailing Association hosts it’s “Moxie’s Awards” which celebrates various achievements in the retailing and marketing industries, and is the premier event attendees and companies involved in direct response marketing. ERA was tired of the same unvaried and dull scripting, repetitive award winners, and overall lack of excitement in what is supposed to be a night of fun and celebration. As attendance levels started to drop, ERA looked for a solution to bring the excitement and energy back into their awards. They chose the LAI LIVE team to come in to shake things up and had great success from start to finish.

The Challenge

ERA’s Moxie Awards was in need of a make-over that reflected the energy, excitement and entertainment value of the Electronic Retailing industry. In steps LAI LIVE with a fast-paced, show-stopping party that celebrated the award winners and the industry in a way that only Vegas can appreciate!

The Solution

It was clear that a rebranding of the show meant new graphics, new scripts, almost an entirely new show. To get our client, we had pitched a series of new ideas that would accomodate their budget. We modified the show flow to include new programming elements and got rid of the ones that took up time. We also proposed a new overhaul of the scenic elements to give a whole new look and feel of the space the show would be in. The client already had a nice marketing look, we chose a “paparazzi” theme which took the creative direction into new territory. Leading Authorities’ own LAI Video division designed nomination videos, background content, and show elements that would become the scenic for the evening.

We were able to take a typical ballroom and create a modern party space. We had laid out a beautiful LED lit runway that directed attendees down the center of the room to a set of glowing stairs and up to a 10’x30’ screen, which served as the backdrop for the event. The speakers were pumping edgy pop and hip–hop music into the room, driving up the “winning” and “fun nights” theme we were aiming for, all while colorful gobos pulsed and changed the lights to match the excitement of the show.

One element that LAI LIVE transformed was the photo that awards recipients typically take when receiving an award on stage. Instead of having a posed photo shoot taking place between each award, a “paparazzi” photographer would jump in and catch candid shots of the winners. Another new element to the program added by LAI LIVE was the “Winner’s Circle” that took place outside of the ballroom. There, select winners would be interviewed by the evenings reporter and the news feed was shared live to the main screen inside the ballroom for attendees to watch in real time. The audience was further engaged through the use of social media. Attendees were able to share their questions for the winners or share overall comments via Twitter.

The Results

Overall, the energy in the room was infectious as it ran through everyone—presenters, nominees, and attendees all shared this captivating energy and excitement. Despite the additions to the programming and the amount of awards featured in the show, the night wrapped ahead of schedule, which allowed even more time to celebrate in Sin City. The graphics were exciting, the scripting was perfect, and everybody had a great time. LAI LIVE was able to transform the show into the “best Moxies EVER.”

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