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50th Anniversary AWHONN Convention


For its celebratory 50th anniversary annual convention, The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) aimed to create a conference experience for attendees that was set apart from business-as-usual. 


After half a century of making a difference in the lives of women and newborns, the client team wanted to celebrate their work and their member nurses with a program and show artwork that communicated the kind of elegance, celebration, and creativity commonly associated with Hollywood red carpet events. 

Going For The Gold

Showcasing president-elect candidates, we created organic irregularities to break the mold of other graphics from previous years. The luster of the gold metal effectively communicated and underscored the value associated with each speaker introduced and each award recipient being honored.

Call To Action!

We capitalized on the flowing motion of the liquid gold to help frame the content being shown. The graphics successfully drew the viewer’s eye towards important information and elevated the tone of the imagery. 

A Graphic Design Gold Mine

Inspired by physical gold going through the refining process, the resulting artwork brought together elegant thick and thin typefaces. The molten, flowing gold elements touched each graphic in a different and unpredictable way. 

Show-Stopping Spotlight

In spotlighting Britt Pados, we utilized unique textures to make a big visual impact on accompanying content. The high-definition artwork certainly caught attention onstage, and shifted focus to the award-winner. 

Giving Credit Where It's Due

The client was thrilled with the overall results, appreciated how different and unique the artwork was, and loved how its delivery onstage helped them achieve their visual communication goals.

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