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Special Events: Attention to the Details

With the return to live events, we are seeing clients wanting to make an impact on their attendees as soon as they enter a venue. Just like a large live show production your special event deserves the attention to details and planning. For this event our client wanted to ensure that their event was executed flawlessly, and the guests were greeted with a celebratory feel that highlighted the existing features of the event space.  

Eye-Popping Graphics

As the producer of the event, we took the clients vision and brought it to life. Our design team created a stunning graphic look that complemented the décor provided by the caterer. The graphics tied together the elements of programming including live remarks from the stage as well as video messages.  

Shining Under the Light

The lighting treatments accented the unique artifacts in the event space. These treatments focused on the event areas providing the attendees with a clear path of the function space. The lighting featured colors that complimented and highlighted the graphic design as well as the décor the caterer sourced to celebrate the guest of honor.

Programming That's On Cue

The programming elements were coordinated with the catering team to have a minute-by-minute schedule for both food service and event programming. In addition to the meal service schedule, we developed a cue sheet that mapped out the various graphic, lighting and audio cues. Music was very important to the client, so we curated a custom playlist that served as background and walk on/off music. This small detail was given a shout out from the stage. It is amazing how much music can influence an attendee’s experience. 

A Collaborative Effort

Outside of the programming needs, we worked with the venue to coordinate the delicate and complex load in schedule while factoring in limitations of the venue. By allowing our team to manage the details of the production, our client was able to focus on the needs of the guest of honor and attendees.