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Pre to Post-Event Management and Logistics Services

Bring your event to the next level with comprehensive event management services. Event management is not just during the event itself – it begins months prior and continues well after its conclusion. See how our corporate event managers and organizers will design and oversee your event with passion and conviction.

Event Management & Event Logistics

Event management and logistic services encompass a variety of variables, from venue selection to content and speaker management. At LAI live, our impassioned team will strive to meet all your expectations and ensure your event runs smoothly. Take a look at some of our offerings included in event management:

  • Day-of Coordination
  • Venue Selection
  • Vendor Management
  • Content and Speaker Management
  • Graphics
  • Talent Acquisition

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What is Event Management?

Event management encompasses a wide array of logistical and managerial before, during, and after the event ensuring the event is succesful. From budgetary concerns and attendee information to catering and vendor acquisition, no detail is left untouched.

With an emphasis on creating a smooth and thorough planning experience, the LAI live team will handle logistical concerns while you focus on the big-picture goals of your event. Our focus unequivocally centers around your company’s wishes to bring your event to life. 

Learn More About Our Event Management Offerings

  • Day-of Coordination: We prioritize being present, physically and mentally. On the day of your event, our team will be on the ground running, providing support for any issues that may arise and our adaptability ensures seamless execution. 
  • Venue Selection: Finding a space to hold an event can be difficult. As an event management company, LAI has a plethora of options for you to consider for your event. We will find the best one for you.  
  • Vendor Management: Our team provides event vendor management to find the best vendors to make your event thrive. We will serve as a liaison with vendors to ensure a smooth event. 
  • Program Flow Management: LAI is passionate about making your event flow smoothly and effectively. We will manage any issues that may arise to make sure your audiences can properly enjoy the event. 
  • Content and Speaker Management: LAI’s speaker division will manage and communicate with the speaker or their team to make sure their lasting message and riveting content exceeds your expectations.
  • Graphics: Designing interesting and engaging graphics is a major focus for LAI. We will curate creative and captivating graphics to accompany the chosen theme or purpose of your event.  
  • Talent Aquisition: Finding a speaker is difficult but LAI’s extensive base of speakers will ensure the right one finds your event. If we do not already manage one to your liking, we will work to find one that will undoubtedly captivate your audience.  
  • ...and anything else you need!

Sit Back and Let LAI Live Manage Your Event

At LAI, we take event management very seriously. Planning your event begins months prior and lasts well after it has concluded. Our corporate event management team will work with you to bring your ideas to life. No aspect will be left untouched – budget concerns, attendee information, catering, corporate event vendors, and much more. We will be with you every step of the way. While you focus on the big picture goals of your event, we will handle the event planning logistics. At LAI, we strive for smooth, seamless, and thorough planning, and our focus centers around your company’s wishes.  

At LAI, we can work with you from the ground floor offering insight on how to host the best event possible. Contact us today!

Why LAI Live Events

  • Our Experience: Our well-versed team travels coast to coast to curate a unique and exciting event specific to your company’s goals. Our team consists of driven professionals with extensive experience in designing memorable events.  
  • Our Teamwork: Our corporate event management team becomes an extension of yours when we plan your event. Your success is our top priority. We can ensure we will be present on the day of and engaged throughout the entire process to make it as seamless as possible. 
  • Our Creativity: Every event is unique and catered to your company’s mission. We will help you shake it up – our adaptability and outside of the box thinking will be sure to make your event memorable.