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Accenting Spaces with LED Screens

CEO Update Roundtable LED Screen

Many times, it can feel like your show needs something new to add a visual ‘wow’ factor. While most content-heavy visuals are usually presented in larger screens, showing off some more eye candy for your audience that ties the space together can greatly boost the show’s production value. Giving attendees’ eyes more to explore throughout the general session and venue spaces keeps them guessing, curious, and engaged.

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What Hybrid Events Look Like in 2023

Man with glasses staring at screen with four video conferences

In-person meetings are back in full force, and there is still a great demand to incorporate virtual components into these events.  A hybrid event is defined as a tradeshow, conference, convention, seminar, workshop, or other meetings that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component.

Hybrid events allow you to reach new or non-traditional attendees which can be either in person or virtual.  As you build out your agenda, you need to consider how you will connect with your attendees. 

Streaming Sessions

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Transforming A Historic Space into A Modern Experience

Many meeting planners focus on fun or relaxing destinations for their attendees, whether that’s sunny beaches or active cities. However, that can sometimes limit venue options, leaving facilities that present unique challenges when conceptualizing technology within the space.

How to Repurpose Your Event Content to Reinvigorate Your Brand

Repurposing Content Blog Cover

Congratulations, your event was a success! We know how much time and effort went into creating an incredible experience for your community so why let your event end after the final session? Build on the energy from your meeting by leveraging your event content to reach new audiences and keep your members engaged throughout the year. Here are a few ways to flip your event into more marketing content:

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Tips for Saving Space with Creative Scenic

ground supported LED - scenic

With rising venue costs, even after signing contracts, a lot of organizations are reexamining their approaches when it comes to putting on live events. There's no denying many are having to scale back on internet, meeting space, audiovisual, and labor in order to accommodate a budget that was determined before the current climate.

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5 Ways To Make an Ordinary Event Venue – Extraordinary!

Creative venue ideas blog

When organizing an event, there is a strong desire to make it as memorable as possible. At the start of the creation process, many have trouble selecting a venue. When hosting an original event, having a plain run-of-the-mill venue can be counterproductive. But if options are limited, how can you make your venue as unique as possible? Here’s what we recommend for transforming a venue from simple to unique in a few key steps.

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Tips for Designing an Eco-Friendly Event

sustainability blog

With sustainability being a top priority for many organizations, it’s important to not just practice it in the day-to-day office environment, but also as you’re placing yourselves in front of your attendees and members.  From meeting planners, to production companies, to the venue and caterers, there’s something each participant can contribute.  We’ve compiled a list of ideas to consider for going green at your next event!

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Top 3 Unique Venue Ideas for Your Next Event

Warner Theater Blog Header

Choosing a venue is a fundamental step in the creation of an event. However, it can be tricky to find a location that fits your event’s vision. This is what leads most companies to opt for an easy and well-known option: the hotel ballroom. This classic has been revisited in many ways and will forever have its charm. Nonetheless, there are many unique venues out there waiting to be discovered!

Below, we've highlighted our top three unique venue ideas for groups to consider for their upcoming events:

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Behind the Creative: Northpond Ventures Leadership Keynote

In their mission to support the creation of technologies for a better world, Northpond Ventures reached out to our LAI Live team to collaborate on visually branding their Leadership Keynote event in a way that would inspire their audience and capture the nature of their work and partner companies. 

Looking for AV Solutions? Here's How LAI Live Can Help

Audiovisual blog

Deciding how to choose a scenic and audiovisual (AV) company at the right price can be challenging. Do you go with your décor company who recently added optional AV services? Or do you consider in-house AV, knowing they utilize older equipment with some limitations but offer deep discounts?

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