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Virtual Event & Hybrid Platform Comparison

Virtual Event & Hybrid Platform Comparison

Your virtual event platform selection is an important one. Like an in-person venue you need to select one that will support your programming and attendees' needs.

A few things to note:

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Behind the Look: NEA Foundation Gala

With its annual Salute to Excellence In Education Gala on the horizon…the National Education Association Foundation wanted to create a virtual environment where attendees and awardees alike felt an atmosphere of honor, celebration, and elegance. The show consists of several awards, performances, speeches from honored guests, sponsorships, and a dramatic surprise cash prize. Since the event is usually an evening black tie affair, the graphics and experience needed to communicate the same excitement and sophistication.

Preparing to Go Hybrid With Events

Preparing to Go Hybrid

As we return to in-person events, it’s important to focus on how to best make the transition for your organization and the attendees. Follow these quick tips on best practices when preparing for your next event to go hybrid.

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Co-Planning for Hybrid & Virtual Events

Co-Planning for Hybrid & Virtual

Holding off on planning your next event because you’re hoping to be in-person AND don’t want to invest the time if you’re going to pivot to virtual? Because it’s important to dedicate the proper amount of planning time to both scenarios, we’ve developed a few ways to strategize effectively until a final decision needs to be made. Be sure to consult our virtual event planning roadmap as you don’t want to wait too long to make the final decision.

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A Hybrid Approach: Inova Honors Fundraiser

LAI Live worked hand-in-hand with the Inova Health Foundation to produce a hybrid version of their annual Inova Honors Dinner, a fundraiser gala which recognizes healthcare professionals. The goal of this year’s fundraiser was to not only raise money, but to also keep the program entertaining, endearing, and under an hour in length. And, oh yeah, we had under a month to pull it together!

Surprising Your Virtual Viewers: X Marks the Spot With Hollywood Squares


As your organization becomes more comfortable logging on to virtual meetings, are you worried that you are being complacent in the virtual world?

Are you ready to spice up your next event? Look no further than our Plan V: What’s The Story?

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LAI Live’s 2021 Event Trends!

LAI Live's 2021 Event Trends

Each year, LAI Live presents the top industry trends we see taking shape in the year to come. This year is a little different in that we’re all in a strange state of limbo between virtual events and the much-anticipated return to in-person events. So with that, this year’s trends are focused around what can be done to continue making virtual programming a little more engaging, a little more effective, and a little less dull.

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Virtual Events: Their Rise and What This Means for 2021

Virtual Events: Their Rise and What This Means for 2021

As we all witnessed, virtual events took the meetings world by storm in 2020.

But what does this mean for 2021? Will we continue to see virtual events grow as people have become increasingly comfortable working and interacting through their screens? Will we see a shift back to in-person events as soon as it is deemed safe, and therefore witness virtual events fade away as quickly as they gained traction in 2020?

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How Long Does It Take? Your Virtual Event Planning Roadmap

LAI Live Virtual Event Planning Roadmap

From researching to construction to fine-tuning, being thoughtful and strategic when planning out your next event and the amount of time you’ll need is crucial to its success. And producing an impactful experience in a virtual environment requires just as much (if not more!) time as an in-person program.

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Virtual Event Production vs. Platform – What’s the Difference?

Virtual Event Production vs. Platform

When planning for a virtual event, your event budget is always going to be the determining factor for whether or not you add in that extra add-on or feature. However, before you decide that a platform is all that you need for your virtual event, take a look at some of the other things you may want to consider adding for a seamless experience for your audience.

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