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10 Things to Determine for Budgeting Your Virtual Event

10 Things to Determine for Budgeting Your Virtual Event

We often receive inquiries from meeting organizers requesting quotes or a ballpark estimate for their upcoming online meeting. But as we all know, virtual events are not one size fits all. With formats ranging from 30-minute webinars to multi-day, broadcast-quality event experiences, costs can vary dramatically. It’s important first lay out the type of deliverables you’d like to include at your event before accurately budgeting for your virtual production.

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Turning Plan V Into Reality: Techniques for Enhancing Your Virtual Event

Turning Plan V Into a Reality

As more organizations are accepting the reality of shuttered in-person events, planners are pivoting their event strategies toward virtual. Every day brings a new webinar and you become more comfortable with new technologies, shorter timeframes, and new ways of doing well, almost everything.

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Why is a Virtual Event Producer So Expensive…Or Is it?

Why is a virtual event producer so expensive... or is it?

As meeting organizers are exploring their virtual event options, one of the biggest questions we hear is: Why is a virtual event producer so expensive?

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How to Host a Virtual Event

How to Host a Virtual Event

As we think about taking our events virtual, it’s tempting to directly plug our in-person event format into a virtual world. But it is not a 1-to-1 match.

The traditional ways we’ve hosted our events in the past need to be edited, and our expectations adjusted to reformat for a remote or partially remote audience. Ultimately, it’s important that we host a virtual meeting that supports our overall event goals, even if that means doing things differently.

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Creative Ways to Use Video at Your Virtual Event


Our human attention span is shorter than ever – and so is your virtual audience’s. So when they tune in to your virtual event, surrounded by the distractions of home life, how can you ensure you’re holding their attention?

Using high-quality video throughout your virtual program is a great way elevate your content while keeping your audience engaged – and can transform your meeting into an unforgettable remote experience.

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How Do I Choose A Virtual Event Platform?


There are a ton of virtual event platform options out there, so it can be often overwhelming to research and determine the golden egg out of the bunch. To help make it easier to delve into this new era of virtual transition, here are a couple of factors to consider while searching for the right virtual event platform for your event!


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Plan V: Virtually In-Person

On June 9, 2020, Leading Authorities Inc. hosted the second of our conversations about pivoting events to virtual in the interactive experience, 2020 Events Plan V: Virtually In-Person.

Creating an Engaging Virtual Exhibit Hall


We’ve all been there, walking down the parade route of an expansive exhibit hall, our senses flooded with the sights and sounds of booths stretching as far as the eye can see.  We have our guide of the ones we plan to go to, stopping along the way when a cool takeaway or food item catches our attention. 

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Virtual Event Production: The Distribution Platform Differentiator

Virtual Event Production

As you continue to explore pivoting events to virtual, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed with the variety of options and distribution platforms out there.

What we’ve learned is that while the functionality of a distribution platform is important, many of them work similarly. What truly differentiates a virtual event is how it’s produced.

A virtual event producer is the added factor that pushes the creative and technical boundaries on what your distribution platform can deliver.

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Should We Go Virtual? How to Determine if a Virtual Event is the Right Fit


The very first thing we think about when considering virtual events is the decision to go virtual in and of itself. But when your Plan A in-person meeting isn’t an option, it’s often overwhelming to determine a go-forward plan for your upcoming event and identify what the right fit is for your organization’s goals.

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