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Welcome Back to the Venue: 6 Tips for Returning In-Person

Welcome Back to the Venue

As the events industry continues its gradual shift back to in-person meetings, many groups are looking for new ways to draw attendees and get them excited about the in-person experience. Below, we've outlined six important tips for a successful return to in-person meetings. 

1. Keep the In-Person Experience…In-Person

This includes speakers. Sure, you may be able to book a keynote speaker for less to have them speak virtually, but hosting virtual speakers will have attendees wondering why they spent money to attend.

2. Focus on the Attendees

Pinpoint the things that mean the most to your attendees (networking, safety, swag, location, content) and be sure to provide those comforts. BUT throw in new surprises.

3. Covid Safety

While it doesn’t matter to some, it makes a huge difference to others when considering whether or not to attend. Be upfront with your procedures to ensure attendees know what to expect and are prepared for anything – checkpoints, less meal services, more space, etc.

4. Shared Experiences

It’s been a heck of pandemic for everyone, including your attendees. Create programming or networking around topics that provide a space to say “you’re not alone” and “this is how we’re going to continue to move forward”. Knowing someone has their back will leave them inspired and wanting to continue to connect and share.

5. Curated Programming

With smaller attendance predicted for most events, it makes sense to reduce the amount of sessions running concurrently. This is a great opportunity to focus on must-have sessions and remove some of the schedule fillers of years past. Be sure to include peer-led programming – a hot 2022 trend. Your speakers will also thank you for fuller audiences!

6. More Access

You may scale back on in-person offerings, but consider adding an on-demand option featuring on-line only content that still fills a learning niche.

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