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Lunch & Learn Recap: Designing a Game Plan for your Next Event

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Our LAI Live team recently hosted an insightful Lunch & Learn session at our DC headquarters, designed to help meeting and event planners discover new ideas and navigate daily challenges. The event brought together industry professionals from around the DC area for an interactive brainstorming session, networking, and a delicious lunch. 

Using a unique session format and game-board designed by the LAI Live team, attendees were guided through the five phases of their event – promotion, first impressions/entering the event, experiencing the event, leaving the event, and post-event – to brainstorm ideas and generate innovative solutions to overcome challenges and potential roadblocks preventing them from achieving their upcoming event goals. 

Key takeaways from the event: 

1. Markers of a Successful Event 

The group identified several critical factors that define a successful event: 

  • Useful Attendee Feedback: Receiving high-quality, constructive feedback from attendees. 
  • Creating FOMO: Events should generate a fear of missing out among those who didn't attend. 
  • Right Speakers/Audience Alignment: Ensuring the speakers resonate with the audience. 
  • Attendance Metrics: Attracting both first-timers and returning attendees. 
  • Breadth of Offerings: Providing a diverse range of activities and content. 

2. Common Event Roadblocks 

We discussed the various obstacles that event planners often face: 

  • Managing Rising Event Costs: Balancing budgets amid increasing expenses. 
  • Exhibit Hall Traffic and Seating: Ensuring adequate traffic and seating in exhibit areas. 
  • Pleasing All Attendees: Finding content that meets the diverse needs of all attendees and groups. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Providing diverse networking options, including non-alcohol settings. 
  • Content Overload: Avoiding overwhelming attendees with too much information. 

3. Innovative Ideas from Group Brainstorms 

Our group brainstormed several innovative ideas to enhance their future events: 

  • Pre-Plan Attendee Value: Quantify and highlight the value of connections and ideas and engage attendees before and after the event. 
  • Adapt to Attention Spans: Adjust content delivery for shorter attention spans. 
  • Strategically Place Key Events: Place high-profile speakers and large celebrations towards the end of your event's programming. 
  • Engage with Checklists: Use interactive tools like scavenger hunts for engagement. 
  • Sustainability Push: Promote and vocalize sustainability efforts

Our Lunch and Learn provided event planners with a platform to share challenges, brainstorm innovative solutions, and network with industry peers. At LAI Live, our team of experienced producers and designers is dedicated to understanding your event objectives and supporting you every step of the way. From initial conversations and strategic planning to seamless onsite execution and post-production, we're here to help. If you're looking for ideas to elevate your next event, get in touch! 

Ready To Take Your Event To the Next Level?

The LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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