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Surprising Your Virtual Viewers: X Marks the Spot With Hollywood Squares


As your organization becomes more comfortable logging on to virtual meetings, are you worried that you are being complacent in the virtual world?

Are you ready to spice up your next event? Look no further than our Plan V: What’s The Story?

Just like you, our event designers were searching high and low for an element of surprise to showcase our creativity and virtual production capabilities to the audience. With a little help from The Muppets, the LAI team decided to bring the audience back to a classic gameshow reference—Hollywood Squares!

With the idea coming together in the script, it was up to the design team and the production team to stage and execute the idea perfectly. This step involved creating different layers of graphics to showcase the progression of the game. The virtual stage design blended perfectly with the existing production look and feel of the show.

This functionality is not native to a singular platform. Instead it is an idea created by a production team and designed by a graphics team. The end result can be broadcasted on any chosen platform but needs the support of a technical team including a switcher. 


To pull off this Hollywood Squares surprise, the show-caller and the technical producer were on high alert to have all the graphics queued up and ready to go. With each contestant—even those stubborn Muppets—in a different video feed, the spacing and graphics needed to be just right. After a few practice sessions, no surprise, they crushed it live. The graphics were right on, following the script.

Can you believe this was our fourth Plan V event (the plan to go virtual)? Each time, we are amazed at the quality of production and the attention to detail from the behind the scenes production team.

Our What’s The Story? session is a fantastic tool to learn more about the ways to draw your virtual event audience in with a heroic tale or take them on an adventure all from the comfort of their own couch.

For more ideas on virtual event gamification, check out our blog about enhancing your next online meeting.


We Can Help With Your Virtual Meeting

At LAI Live, our virtual meeting producers can help ensure that you still meet your event goals in an online environment, create an engaging experience, answer all the common virtual meeting FAQ’s, keep up with the latest trends, and guide your event strategy from start to finish.

Contact us today to start exploring the potential of your meeting and for more trends and best practices for delivering a successful virtual experience!

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