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The Spotlight: Experience Design



Event Experience Design NAF Next

Recently, LAI led a full-day event design workshop for a new client. We brought together key conference contributors with the main goal of identifying and developing the look, feel, and theme for this year's program. The workshop creates a space for sharing thoughts and ideas, often feeding off others, and watching them grow into something the team feels best represents the brand. The day was filled with exercises designed to dive deep into core values and event aspirations. We discussed words with meaning, like Connection, Future, Imagine, Change, and together developed the 2018 theme 'Imagine Our Future'. We discussed coordinating ambience for the theme, including energy, innovation, inspiration, and how best to reinforce the theme by engaging attendees throughout the space and sessions. To wrap up, we discussed the imagery being Bold, yet having an Inspirational Lightness. Following the workshop, LAI Live developed graphic compilations and scenic recommendations for our interpretation of the 2018 theme. See where we landed on the final creative above!​​​​​​​


LAI Event Superheroes

Meet Sam. Sam is an event supervillain, better known as Mr. Sandman. He is boring, monotone, and induces an outbreak of yawns among attendees. How do the LAI Live Superheroes battle Mr. Sandman? We encourage him to get out from behind the podium and make use of the stage, we help him freshen up his presentation deck to make it engaging and thought-provoking, we edit his speech to a more appropriate length and make sure to highlight the info the audience should walk-away knowing, and we encourage him to engage with the audience through some sort of participation.

Tell us what you’ve done to #SaveTheDay as an #EventSuperhero by tweeting your #EventVillain story @LAILiveEvents


Top Requested Walk-On Songs

Yes, I've Got A Feeling, Boogie Shoes, Uptown Funk, Girl on Fire and All I Do Is Win are still our most requested walk-on songs, but here are our top 5 favorites!


Our client wanted a visual theme for their event that both energized high school student attendees and encouraged them to engage on social media. LAI Live’s artistic solution to the challenge was a photo-centric approach to graphics that made use of creative and fun ‘doodle stickers’ in a visual language young students are already familiar with on social media apps. The look carried through marketing materials, event signage, and came to life with animation for the video production pieces. The end result was a unified experience that created buzz and excitement with the students.

The Story Behind the Look​​​​​​​



LAI Live prides itself on clear communication with our clients: keeping our projects on target and on time. We’ve benefited from using multiple project management platforms that allow both LAI and client teams to track, share, and collaborate on all the show’s pieces and parts, simultaneously reducing email. So which do we prefer? BASECAMP! Basecamp allows you to create individual folders (think scripts, graphics, logos), tag individuals who need immediate alerts, keep the most recent downloads at the top, and comment with feedback. No more “Which logo is the most current logo?” or “Which version of the script should we review?”!

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