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High-Energy Ideas For Your Next Event


Are you looking for new ways to add energy and increase attendee engagement at your next event? Do you want your event to be the most talked about occasion, long after it happened? Do you want to your company to be the forerunner in event hosting, something that every company strives to be?

Our team is always finding new ways to boost enthusiasm and excitement at our client’s events. We can help you:

  1. Conversation Starting Techniques
  2. Generate New Ideas
  3. Incorporate Ice Breakers
  4. Add Live Camera Feeds

1. Conversation-Starting Techniques

The main idea of an event is to get people talking. Whether it is about the main speaker, the food, or about each other, you want your event attendees to interact with each other and make the most out of the event through conversations. However, it is not always easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Tap into conversation-starting techniques like live polling. These live polls are a great conversation starter for guests to learn about how the people around them voted on the live poll.

Conversation Starting Techniques 

2. Generate New Ideas

The main thing that you want your guests to get out of your event is new ideas that they can bring back to their companies and incorporate into their lives. You want your event attendees feeling inspired and ready to tackle their next task. Design “Shark Tank” style sessions in order to generate new ideas. This allows guests to be creative and team up with others to create new ideas. When guests share these ideas in “Shark Tank” style sessions, they can learn from other people’s approaches and generate even more new ideas.

3. Incorporate Ice Breakers

Aside from conversation-starting techniques, it is important to start off your event with ice breakers. This gives attendees the chance to be not as serious and get to know each other outside of a professional setting. Often times, more meaningful relationships are built when the pressure to be serious is taken away. Incorporating ice breakers like “hot seat” with smaller breakout groups helps attendees get to know the other attendees better. People within these small groups take turns being in the “hot seat” and can get asked questions about their job, where they grew up, and the reason why they attended the event and what they hope to get out of it.

Incorporate Ice Breakers

4. Add Live Camera Feeds

Adding live camera feeds and interactive sessions to your program is another way to boost enthusiasm at an event. Live camera feeds give the audience a an opportunity to see what others are currently doing at an event and it allows guests to showcase what they are doing. Interactive sessions are just another way to get the audience interacting with each other. This is especially important since the main takeaway that you want your audience to have is that they felt like they met and connected with other event attendees. This can also be easily incorporated into your virtual live events.

Other Ideas

We can also help you design fun experiences like morning runs with prominent keynote speakers, set up a “branded tattoo” station to reinforce some of the themes touched upon in a breakout session, or help you book out a SoulCycle studio before the day’s first session as a team building exercise.

Want to hear more high-energy and cutting-edge event ideas? Have any questions about these ideas and how you could implement one of them at your next event? To learn more about LAI Live and how our team of seasoned event producers can help take your next sales meeting to a whole new level, call 202-783-0300 or live chat with a member of the team right now.

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