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4 Signs Your “Pretty Good” Production Company Isn't Good Enough


Is your current production company score a B, churning out predictably fine events? That’s not enough. What about a solid B+, with a good price point and deadlines met? Still not enough!

Why fix something that isn’t broken, you ask? The truth is, you have to put in work now to make sure you stay ahead, rather than waiting to play a game of catch up. Here are four reasons your “pretty good” production company probably is not actually good enough:

  1. Millennials Aren’t Engaged: Audiences are getting younger—with new interests, wants, and expectations. This new audience wants fascinating, shareable information. Is your company delivering? Are your events changing to meet these needs? If your production team hasn’t stepped up content and design in a way that speaks to this audience, it’s time to take some meetings.
  2. Your Event Feels a Little Stale: Creative, fresh ideas that delight attendees are the lifeblood of events. And I’m not just talking content. You can change the whole feel of a conference by brainstorming a new room layout, schedule of the day, or even what time an event takes place. If your meeting has become routine, it’s not going to be nearly as effective.
  3. You’re Not Making the Most of the Digital Revolution: Technology can be used in many different ways to engage an audience. Some lifts are subtle and minor, while others are major and more strategic. But the bottom line is the same: If you aren’t tapping into all that the tech space has to offer to keep interaction and communication high and fluid, you’re missing a major opportunity.
  4. It’s Someone’s Way or the Highway: Clients and producers must work together seamlessly. Period. Collaboration is essential and must start long before an event in order to ensure success. If you get the sense that your event producer isn’t open to new ideas or team brainstorming, you should consider finding someone who is.

Change is inevitable—whether its demographic shifts or new technology—and it is essential to work with a team that will help you update your events accordingly. Your hard work deserves an A+ partner!

If you’d like to talk to someone at LAI Live about how we can help you improve your meeting this year, call us at 202-783-0300 or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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