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2022 CEO Update Roundtable

Driving The Future of Associations

CEO Update’s annual Roundtable Summit resumed in spring 2022 with an in-person event to focus on the issues important to the association industry—talent retention, technological advancements, and the importance of storytelling. To create an atmosphere of innovation, we pushed the boundaries of past Summits.

The Scene

To get our association CEOs thinking outside the box, we had to take them outside the regular meeting space of a hotel ballroom. We hosted our guests at The Autoshop in Union Market—a renovated car repair shop that was the perfect setting to foster an environment of building something new and exciting within the association industry.

The Stage

In the unique Washington, DC area of Union Market, we capitalized on the DC institutions by highlighting them on our custom designed backdrop and added cut-out pieces to bring depth not just to the conversation but the stage. Scenes of Ben’s Chili Bowl, the Capitol, Chinatown’s archway, Martin Luther King Jr.’s statue, and cherry blossoms filled the day with a celebratory, energetic vibe.

The Show

Showcasing the importance of meeting in-person, our on-site production was a high priority. From the graphics on the screen to the technical calling of the show, the LAI Live team produced a spectacular show filled with custom graphics for the stage sessions but also the breaks and everything in between.  To create buy-in with the audience, we invited them to take part in the show—leading panel discussions and Q&As with the speakers. This extra level of involvement added a great atmosphere to the entire day.

The Impression

The new venue allowed us new chances to bring new technology, vendors, and ideas into the space. We displayed LED panels that ran themed graphics all day long providing an elevated branding opportunity. To create an inspiring first impression, we added vinyl to the stairs to “wow” attendees upon arrival. And finally, being in a vibrant part of the city filled with delicious food vendors, we chose to work with District Doughnut, The Creamery, Cotton & Reed, and St. Anselm to make our day extra special. Our event impact on the Union Market community with reach far beyond the daylong Summit.