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What Hybrid Events Look Like in 2023

Man with glasses staring at screen with four video conferences

In-person meetings are back in full force, and there is still a great demand to incorporate virtual components into these events.  A hybrid event is defined as a tradeshow, conference, convention, seminar, workshop, or other meetings that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component.

Hybrid events allow you to reach new or non-traditional attendees which can be either in person or virtual.  As you build out your agenda, you need to consider how you will connect with your attendees. 

Streaming Sessions

You have several options when sharing meeting content with your attendees. There are several tools available that you can stream your General Session content to.  Including several budget-friendly platforms such as your event app, your organization’s website (embed code), Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, etc. You can utilize these existing tools without having to invest in a larger virtual platform and still reach a larger audience.

Inclusive Content

Hosting a hybrid event allows you to have an event that does not have any borders. Expanding your reach to an international audience can happen in real-time or post-event.  You can offer live audio translation for your session, note this can be an expensive venture. Alternatively, you can translate your recordings and post on demand for your virtual attendee.  

Diverse Presentations

Virtual presentation from the remote speaker(s) allows for individuals who couldn’t travel to still present crucial information to your attendees.  These remote presentations can be a single person who shares an update, or it can be a fireside chat where a live Emcee at the event can have a conversation with the virtual talent.

 Hybrid Event with a room full of attendees

Tech Specs

Depending on which hybrid engagement you will need to work with your AV Production company and event app/platform to ensure that you have the correct technology in place to accomplish your goals.

  1. A High-quality audio system and an engineer are crucial to making sure that attendees and virtual attendees can be heard.
  2. It is imperative that you have a video engineering system that can handle multiple video feeds, including remote presenters, live-in-room capture, and video playback.
  3. A dedicated wired internet connection is another must-have.

The virtual and hybrid event solutions for 2023 are currently already in use today but will only continue to improve and evolve and the attendee interactions and demands change. It is important to partner with an Event Production company that understands how to assist organizations to reach all their attendees in person or virtual.

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