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Trending Stage Designs

Stage Design Trends

An event stage isn’t just a presenter’s platform, it’s the central point of the event’s theme, aesthetic, and overall mood. Since it’s the focal point for most of the event, it’s important that your stage embodies these qualities.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of choosing a venue, scoping the best keynote speakers, or finding the perfect location for your event, working with your production team to conceptualize stage design should be on the top of your meeting planner to-do list.  

So, to help you in your search for the perfect event set, here are a few trending stage design set concepts to consider for your next event:

Piece Heavy Sets

From custom-built fixtures, piece heavy sets are designed specifically for events that are seeking a one-of-a-kind look with a three-dimensional feel.

Leading Authorities’ Inspire event featured a ton of different keynote speakers and entertainment acts, so it was our job to create an elegant, yet not overpowering, backdrop for the different speakers.

LAI Inspire 2018

One key factor we consider, during all phases of the set design process, is the event attendee experience. While working on Aerospace Industries Association’s 100 Year Anniversary event, we were tasked with transforming an expansive venue into an intimate celebratory experience. In the spirit of aerospace, we used 80’ dramatic banners lit with space ambiance projected images, in order to create an aura of aerospace.

AIA Stage Design

Talk Show Sets

Talk show sets are the perfect ensemble for creating a warm and inviting stage set, plus they allow flexibility in programming format from day to evening events.

When CropLife America reached out to LAI Live to help bring their 1970’s talk show vision to life, we knew exactly where to take it. For this set, we utilized vintage plush couches, coordinating end tables, throw pillows, and a desk. To further propel the set into the 70’s era, we added detailed props like a VHS tape, long emcee microphone, and a cue card person with an ‘applause’ sign. These timely details were keys to mastering the aesthetic of the night.

Talk show sets

Tech-Filled Stages

Stages that incorporate multiple digital screens are specifically designed to hold the attention of a large audience. When choosing to make an investment with a tech-driven stage, be sure to take into consideration the design & build of the creative content that will be needed to bring these elements to life.  Whether it’s an opening video designed to stretch end-to-end across the entire stage or your sponsor recognition loop formatted for an unusual screen shape, custom graphics combined with technology will make any set idea possible. For IFA’s 2019 Convention, our main goal was to ‘wow’ attendees. We used 70’ x 15’ convex center screens, joined together with two large outboard screens to create an easy-to-view surface from anywhere in the room, eliminating the need for delay screens. We combined these elements with speaker presentations and music, in order to ensure smooth transitions and intriguing visuals.

IFA Convention 2019

Virtual and Hybrid Stages

Even in a virtual or hybrid setting, it's important to decide what your stage event design will look like. It is important to keep the event scenography in line with your event's design and theme, whether it be serious, professional, or more fun and awards ceremony-like. From custom backgrounds to branded graphics, LAI Live can help set the stage of any virtual and hybrid setting.

ASAE scenicsALA 2020 graphics​​​​​​​


Hopefully this helps you filter your list of stage design options for your upcoming event. If you have questions or want more information about how we can help make your next event a success, we would love to speak with you!

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