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Should I RFP It?

Picture of words RFP: Request for Proposal

While it can be a daunting process, sometimes it’s necessary to send out an RFP for your conference. However, determining when it’s time can be a bit challenging, especially when still holding successful events.

To help, here are a few signs of when the time is right:


When reading through attendee feedback over multiple events, do you see consistent comments about wanting more engagement or feeling the need for something new? This is a sign that it may be time to investigate a new production company. An experienced producer can take the feedback you’ve received and help reimagine the programming session to session.


“This is how we’ve always done it,” is a red flag for needing to send out an RFP. People tend to fall into this mindset after having become comfortable with the existing process. And that existing process may even be successful. However, if you find yourself saying this, it’s typically in response to someone suggesting it’s time to make a change.


Maybe your conference is rapidly growing and the AV company you currently use doesn’t have the resources to evolve with it. That doesn’t mean you need to replace them. You can bring in a production company that can support just a general session space while your existing team manages breakouts, lounges, and sponsor areas. Or maybe you just need a producer to come in and help rework your show. There are plenty of options available without having to start over from scratch.


You can find services you didn’t know were an option as companies submit proposals. For example, LAI Live can include an event design workshop! Maybe in the past you’ve had to go to different companies for conference design or video production services, but a new company could bundle those services and streamline communication.


Sometimes a focus of the RFP needs to be on visuals and not just content. Custom designed stage graphics can make a world of difference with an event. Utilizing a professional designer within a production company can guarantee a graphic experience completely unique to your show.

The RFP process shouldn’t be considered something that is only done when an event is going through a downswing. It’s an opportunity to improve and find new or additional partners that can help set your conference apart from the others.

Looking to improve your conference and set it apart from the rest? Contact us to send an RFP to LAI Live and see what services and visuals we offer!

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