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How To Make Your Live Event More Tech-Savvy


One of the best ways to make a big impact at an event is to infuse the day with the latest technology—be it speakers using real-time polling onstage, having touch-screens at cocktails, or even bringing a somewhat feisty robot to the conference. Aside from just looking good, tech-savvy events:

  • Show that your organization is embracing change and technology
  • Showcases your branding in a new way
  • Makes your event more interactive, modern, and fun with technology (social media, touch screens, “graffiti walls” and more!)
  • Has the potential to increase your ROI 

We recently produced a high-tech event featuring an on-stage robot that went over incredibly well with stakeholders and attendees. 

Watch “Val the Robot” in action:

Pretty cool, right?  We can design a custom stage set with screens that, throughout your event’s program, animates VAL’s robot voice, displays sponsor graphics, brings live polling results to your audience, and more!   

We can also create visually dynamic branding on walls or towers to increase your brand’s visibility or highlight sponsors. We can also work with you to develop changing graphics that can be launched on wall-mounted touch screen TVs. And let’s not forget about showcasing social media feeds on our 70” vertical monitors. See these features in use at the ALTA One event

Make Your Live Event Tech Savy​​​​​​​

Ready to embrace technology at your next event? Or want more tech-savvy tips for events? Call us at 202-783-0300 or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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