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5 Ways To Make an Ordinary Event Venue – Extraordinary!

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When organizing an event, there is a strong desire to make it as memorable as possible. At the start of the creation process, many have trouble selecting a venue. When hosting an original event, having a plain run-of-the-mill venue can be counterproductive. But if options are limited, how can you make your venue as unique as possible? Here’s what we recommend for transforming a venue from simple to unique in a few key steps.

1. Change Up the Seating

Start with the general session! Rent a mix-and-match of furniture to combine with venue-provided chairs and tables. For example, have some cozy armchairs in the front rows, some standard tables and chairs in the middle rows, and combine those with stools and high-top tables in the back to complete the design. Another popular idea is to bring some greenery into the room, which can be done by installing some plants around the space (not on the stage!) and using centerpieces on smaller tables. A more radical approach can be to move some elements of the event outdoors. There can be a variety of outdoor seating options, including folding chairs, bean bags, benches, and even hammocks.


2. Mix Up the Lights to Create Your Desired Effect    

At any event, lighting generates ambiance. With the wrong lighting your venue can be ruined. Too much light can create a hospital room effect, whereas not enough light can make the room feel like a basement. Nonetheless, the right kind of lighting can create a visual experience which can amaze your attendees. For any space, up-lighting can add a splash of color to an otherwise bland area. Pin lighting can also be particularly useful when you want to highlight some elements present at the venue such as centerpieces or décor. Lighting can also be a good marketing tool when using Gobos, which will allow you to project a logo onto any surface, including walls, the floor or even the ceiling. A more playful option would be to design a light show which can create an exciting effect by having the lights move around the room forming different patterns of distinct colors.


3. Set Up a Photo Op

People like making memories and an easy way to do so is by taking photos. Therefore, having a photo op at your event can be a clever way to draw people in and to have them make memories in a more unique way than just by taking photos with their phone. You can have backgrounds and props for people to interact with, and there can be both photo or video options. The latest trend is a 360-camera for your attendees to strike a pose while a camera spins around for a quick video clip. Encourage attendees to share via social media with event hashtags and make sure your event branding is on the photo frame or in the background. This is instant event promotion and advertising!

photo op

4. Make Directional Signage Fun

Moving from one activity to the next is usually what attendees find most confusing. To ease these transitions, events usually have signage located in different strategic spots to facilitate the attendee’s journey through the venue. Classic signage usually involves a carboard poster with the information printed on it. This option is neither eco-friendly nor fun. So why not spruce it up with some innovative ideas? You could use digital signage, which can have interactive features for the attendee to play with. Or even have people standing in different spots at the venue, dressed in eye-catching ways to attract the attendees’ attention. You can make the clothing interesting by basing it on what the event is about. For example, at a science-based conference, the people in charge of signage could be dressed as famous scientists. Or at an event held in a historic property, they could be dressed in clothing from other centuries.


5. Add interactive features on the floors or the walls

Nowadays, technology allows us to produce countless astonishing installations which can help make your event seem magical. An idea which is growing in popularity is arranging interactive features on the walls or on the floors of an event space. These vary in shape, size, and cost. On the cheaper side there’s floor clings that can feature QR codes to fun facts and conference information, followed by projection systems which are highly customizable, scalable and, easy to install. On the more expensive side, we have light up flooring or high-definition LED panels. These are the most realistic displays, and they can offer remote content-creation. Another cheap option could be to avoid using technology but still provide an interactive experience by offering a coloring wall or floor which can be washable and therefore reusable!

interactive features

Looking for Ways to Level Up Your Event Venue? LAI Live Can Help 

If you're looking for unique ideas for getting creative with your event space, or if you have any other event needs, our LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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