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5 Event Shows LAI Live Remade


This past year was a banner year for LAI Live. We partnered with incredible organizations who trusted us with their visions and missions to create dynamic, game-changing events. Nothing makes us happier than solving an event-related problem that has been plaguing a client for years, whether it's solving timing issues, bringing new energy to an event that feels tired, or finding a way to incorporate new voices into a program. We were honored to do just that for five amazing clients.

If you are thinking about remaking your big show this year, take a look at five of these events from our portfolio that moved the needle in a big way for our clients:

  1. Inspiring Innovation at NGA Show
  2. Bringing New Energy to the Triple I Executive Summit
  3. Increasing Engagement at NAF Next: Imagine Our Future
  4. Speeding Things Up at NSHSS Scholars Day
  5. Bringing a Unique Vision to Life for the CropLife America Tribute Show

Read on to see how we helped remake these five shows:

Event Show Inova

Inspiring Innovation At NGA Show | National Grocers Association (NGA)

The grocery industry is constantly evolving as customers have moved to online orders and meal kits. In this climate, NGA wanted to put on an event that facilitated open and honest discussions about industry issues, and to hear from an expert on innovation. We helped NGA develop programming schedules that solved timing issues they’ve had in the past, brought in talent to inspire attendees, and helped include the perspectives of industry entrepreneurs. All in all, it was one of the smoothest and most talked about events in NGA history.

Event Show III Executive Summit

Bringing New Energy To The III Executive Summit | Insurance Information Institute (III)

Triple I came to us last year hoping to update their CEO summit and breathe new life into a retreat that had become predictable and stale. Working with them to handle program design, production logistics, scripting, and A/V management, we built an event that felt seamless and new, and packed their programming full of energy. The event left their executives invigorated to tackle their big challenges and opportunities.

Event Show NAF

Increasing Engagement At NAF Next: Imagine Our Future | National Academy Foundation (NAF)

Our team met with NAF for an event design session and quickly teased out their goal: To create an event experience focused on the future that would maximize audience engagement. From the development of the event theme and logo, to a show-stopping scenic design, we created an environment perfect for celebrating educators and students. We also drew on format changes to highlight individual member accomplishments without sacrificing audience participation. In the end, we were able to recognize roughly 70 academies in a group setting, a ribbon cutting ceremony on stage, and host a party complete with a DJ. Cheers to NAF!

Event Show NSHSS

Speeding Things Up At NSHSS Scholars Day | National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS)

Each year NSHSS hosts the Scholar’s Day conference to showcase the important work the scholars do inside and outside the classroom for their peers, schools, and communities. The LAI Live team was tasked with making the conference reflect these esteemed values through dynamic event graphics and reworking the famous medal ceremony. We worked with NSHSS to work through pain points from previous conferences and created a two-day event with consistent messaging from start to end and plenty of opportunity for our high-schoolers to engage with one another and with social media. We also tapped into the abilities of LAI Video to create fast-paced, dynamic videos that allowed us to move through the recognition of 1,200 high school scholars quickly.

Event Show CropLife America​​​​​​​

Bringing A Unique Vision To Life For The CropLife America Tribute Show | CropLife America

Last year we worked with an organization known for their sense of humor, CropLife America, to bring their vision for a 1970’s style talk show to life to honor an outgoing executive. We had a blast scripting a show that used inside jokes and industry jargon to showcase the impact of our guest of honor and helping with table reads leading up to the event. We also designed the perfect set and executed the event flawlessly, leading to plenty of laughs and even a few misty eyes.

Ready To Up Your Event Game?

If you are starting to plan and prepare for an upcoming show and want to rethink the traditional approach for your next event, get in touch.

Whether you are interested in finding a hands-on event production partner with the experience and expertise to help you execute a tribute show from start to finish, or you have the basics covered and want to work with a cutting-edge event production partner who can help you to integrate the latest trends and techniques into your program to enhance and elevate the whole experience—LAI Live can help, so please reach out to us.

Are you ready to work with an event production company to enhance your next tribute show, awards show, or live event? Contact our team today!

To get in touch with a member of our team right away, you can also fill out the form below, email us at Contact@LAIevents.comlive chat with us online, or call us at 1-800-SPEAKER.

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