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4 Tips For Increasing Engagement At Your Event


Survey after survey suggests that the #1 thing event attendees want is engagement—the ability to learn new things and meet new people.

If the music’s louder than the attendee chatter at your cocktail hour or its crickets during Q&A, try incorporating these four easy tactics into your next event. You’ll help increase connections and maximize valuable takeaways for your attendees:

  1. Take advantage of an audience that's addicted to their phones.

    You’re probably used to asking your audience to turn off or put away their phones at an event. Turn that idea on its head and encourage them to use it as an interactive tool. For example, try creating a funny Snapchat geotag to encourage selfies, use an off-the-wall hashtag, or ask attendees to check-in on Facebook in exchange for the Wifi password. Other ideas include using an app like Poll Everywhere, Mentimeter, or throughout presentations to keep audiences engaged with digital polls and Q&As and display real-time results on the screens. Another hot trend is Virtual Reality. Pass out event branded conversion sets that turn most modern cell phones into a VR headset. As the audience looks around the room, they’ll be surrounded by animated fun-facts or hidden surprises. And don't forget to make presentations available for immediate download and access online; plenty of attendees will share any information they found particularly insightful with their networks.

  2. Icebreakers aren't just for summer camp.

    Whether it’s Name Tag Switcheroo, Business Card Collection, or Two Truths and a Lie, games get people talking. If a full-blown icebreaker isn’t appropriate for your audience, try adding a subtle, fun element to your event’s Q&A portion like a throw-able microphone. Or turn a bland panel into a game-show style format that encourages audience participation. And if you assign seats, don’t forget to group attendees by common interest and organize table topic discussions. 

  3. Speaking of seats...

    Get creative with your seating zones. Fill the front of the room with comfortable furniture and phone charging stations to encourage attendees to sit closer to the stage. Use high-top tables in the rear for those that prefer to stand during the session. Break larger seating groups into distinct sections based on session tracks to encourage networking. 

  4. Above all, make it fun.

    Attendees respond to your energy and style. Create an interactive feel by using touchscreen monitors and allow attendees to choose a song for the background music. Showcase a live Twitter feed of your event’s hashtag or real-time pictures from your event photographer. Have “reporters” live stream interviews with participants after sessions. And don’t forget the exhibit hall! Create a pub crawl-esque experience or scavenger hunt to encourage exploration between the booths.

All in all: If your team is excited and engaged, your registrants will be too. Try putting these four best practices into play at your next event to change the look and feel of events for you and your attendees.

For more information on how LAI Live can take your event to the next level, call us at 202-783-0300 or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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