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12 Clever & Affordable Ideas for Enhancing Attendee Experiences at Your Event


Looking to enhance your attendees’ experience at your event? Below are some clever and affordable conversation-starting ideas that will make your event more memorable and engaging:

Multi-Sensory Ideas
Make your events more memorable by utilizing more of your attendees’ five senses:

  • Use a visual mood board, marker artist’s drawings, or a giant mind map as an event installation rather than written material, notes, or an event schedule.
  • Have guests choose surprise-recipe cocktails based on a shape, color, sound, or concept.
  • Cater breakout or coffee outside or hire mobile food trucks to incorporate the outdoors.
  • Have presentations wired into the main ballroom, the pool area, or the creative lounge so attendees are free to move around and get the most out of the event and the space.

Crowd-Sourced Installations
Crowd-sources installations bring out a sense of ownership in participants who will spread the word:

  • Create a graffiti or cork board where guests can share messages, attendee bios, business cards, unique offers, reminders, pictures, and more.
  • Utilize a specific hashtag to get attendees’ thoughts on a key subject or question.
  • Host a series of rapid-fire five-minute, 20-slide presentations that let multiple speakers quickly share their passions, bold ideas, or news ways of problem-solving
  • Use Pinterest to create a large-scale visual backdrop, and display it throughout the event.
  • Have attendees write their goals on tags or props that are then used to create an installation.
  • Generate merchandise, program content, or publish the results out of the contributions as a takeaway memento for the event.
  • Use the contributions as a basis for pre- and post-event viral marketing campaigns.

Get Personable
You can also help guests mingle, make friends, and break the ice. To avoid “first meal syndrome” where attendees usually grab a plate and eat by themselves, TED2012 assigned everyone a random number and set up picnics on the grass. You’d find the picnic basket with your number, sit down, and make instant friends. Even the oversized name tags were designed for starting conversations – on them you had to list three different topics for people to talk to you about.

LAI Live attends or is involved in nearly 2,000 events each year – from small industry meetings to huge, best-in-class events like TED and SXSW. Our goal is to identify the “best of the best” in meetings and share these experiences with our clients so that great events and great design are available at any budget.

If you are interested in taking your event to the next level, contact us!

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