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Top Five Benefits of a Multi-Year Contract

Top Five Benefits of a Multi-Year Contract

In the initial planning of your event, it’s common to focus on how to best find efficiencies while maintaining a valuable onsite experience for sponsors, exhibitors, executives, and attendees. This leaves you juggling the large picture while also developing content. This is where a multi-year or multi-event contract can be of huge benefit to you.

Budget Benefits

When proposing a multiyear contract, companies, including LAI Live, will commonly provide discounts that are only possible when signing for multiple events. Additionally, the contract locks in equipment as well as your producer and graphic design rates in advance. What this means for you is even though the cost of equipment may increase, your production contract doesn’t, so long as the scope of work doesn’t drastically change from event to event. You can also receive rigging, internet, power, and labor prices well in advance to help you navigate your overall event budget.   

Team Benefits

Equally important to the budget are the benefits of having a consistent team. It can take some time for production teams to learn the inner workings of an organization but once they do, they can become invaluable to the planning process. With a full event under their belt, they can provide guidance on agenda and room efficiencies. Knowing the organization’s mission and the attendee base, new programming opportunities can be developed and implemented. 

Timeline Benefits

Another reason to consider signing for multiple events is the pre-production process can begin as soon as the previous event ends. This allows the production team to take on more of the initial planning much earlier in the process. When developing timelines, they can target your slower times of year for deliverables, taking pressure off you and allow for longer review periods.

Promotional Benefits

Conference artwork can be developed earlier, allowing registration to go up faster and promotional material to be released as soon as you’re ready. Like the producers, the designer also understands the client mindset, helping create a smooth design process right off the bat.

Speaker Benefits

Many organizations have repeat speakers such as board members and executives. A consistent team develops a working relationship with these individuals, allowing for a relaxing and positive onsite experience for your VIPs.  


Ready to reap the benefits of a multi-year contract for your next event? Our LAI Live team can help. Contact us to get started.

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