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Rethinking The Tribute Event


Would you ever stage an event as a 1970's talk show? What would your audience think?

We just helped a great, long-term client of ours, CropLife America, rethink the way they would present an event that was meant to honor an industry leader after 30 years of service.

This client has a great sense of humor and came to us with a complete vision about four months before their event: They wanted to recreate a 1970's talk-show.

Our team immediately started to think about how we could make sure to bring their vision to life in an authentic and compelling way, and we asked ourselves, "What do the ‘guts’ of the show need to be to pay proper homage to the format?" We came to the conclusion that we didn't actually need a large budget and extensive resources to develop a terrific tribute to honor an equally terrific individual who has made a profound impact on an industry with over three decades of service. Instead, we decided that we really only needed a few budget-friendly ingredients to bring this tribute show to life, such as:

  • A compelling host and sidekick
  • Opening monologue
  • Quick interview segments with guests
  • Short video clips to showcase projects
  • Sponsor breaks
  • And, most importantly, comedic skits

While it sounds complicated, everything came together smoothly, and our client was thrilled. We attribute the show’s success to a few key ingredients: A witty script, solid attention to detail, and a true cast of characters.

And the audience? Well, let’s just say—they were engaged! It was a raucous event filled with laughter.

Click here to see how we pulled it off.

Ready To Rethink Your Next Tribute Show?

If you are starting to plan and prepare for an upcoming tribute show or awards show of your own and want to rethink the traditional approach for your next event?

Whether you are interested in finding a hands-on event production partner with the experience and expertise to help you execute a tribute show from start to finish, or you have the basics covered and want to work with a cutting-edge event production partner who can help you to integrate the latest trends and techniques into your program to enhance and elevate the whole experiencey—LAI Live can help, so please reach out to us.

Are you ready to work with an event production company to enhance your next tribute show, awards show, or live event? Contact our team today!

You can fill out the form below, call 202-783-0300, email us, or live chat with a member of the team right now.

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