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How To Get Your Audience Involved


These days, to get your audience deeply involved in your show, you’ll need to do a little more than ask for a show of hands. LAI LIVE has come up with a few great ways to get your audience to feel truly integrated into your event.

Polling In Real Time

If you want to get real–time questions and answers out of your crowd, LAI LIVE has a few tricks up their sleeves that go further than a microphone in the audience. We employ digital mobile–based services like Slido to take the questions from your audience and throw them up on the big screen, all while using the technology your audience already has. Set up is a snap, and getting the data from your crowd is easy! Ask your audience a question and use the polling results to guide a panel session discussion. Or, you can set up an audience Q&A to give your attendees a voice without needing an extra to run a mic or two to let them speak. However, if the traditional “microphone in the audience” is more your style, we have a new way of doing that, too.

Toss Around Microphone

We take the traditional microphone off the stand and make it fun. Your event can be even more engaging with this microphone that can be tossed throughout the audience, opening a new way of organizing discussions. Set-up a video crew in a main corridor and have your attendees toss to each other in a “tag, you’re it” scenario; whomever catches the mic must answer a ‘Hot Seat’ question. However you use it, you’ll be creating a memorable and engaging event. 

Virtual Reality

Through a custom-designed weblink for your event, attendees can move their phone or their iPad around the space 360 degrees and see fun facts pop up about your association, your event sponsors, the presenters and more. This “pop-up” design give s the audience another way to interact with the programming, allows for more sponsorship opportunities, and keeps the interaction going throughout the programming.

Interactive Light Bracelets

Keep the audience engaged using branded, RFD bracelets. Controlled through a lighting board, we can create customized actions for each part of the program. For Example: Sync the bracelets & lights to the attendee walk-in music, create a flashing/blinking effect to simulate applause when each speaker enters the stage, use green to indicate when the audience should participate in a poll, then transition to red, when voting is closed. After the event, each attendee can sync their bracelet to their home Bluetooth system to keep the party going.

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