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Evolving at the American Land Title Association


LAI Live recently produced the American Land Title Association's 2017 ALTA One Show that looked at rapidly changing industries due to millennials entering the workforce and advancing technology. Companies are feeling like they are being forced to evolved, but ALTA chose to embrace this positive change.

Evolving Stage Design

LAI Live designed a stage set with four screens used to animate VAL's (a sassy little robot) voice, sponsor graphics, live polling, and much more. The screens to the left and right of the set showcased the one-year anniversary of the ALTA One logo through a rotating animation. 


During the program, ALTA debuted their 'Swim with the Sharks,' a shark tank-style session where industry leaders pitched ideas to judges and the audience decided whether or not the idea passed. Additionally, the program featured speakers who were experts on leadership, creativity in the workplace, and a guitar-playing comedian from the Vegas Strip. 

Interactive Elements

To spice up the general session programming, LAI enlisted a local artist who interpreted attendee’s industry words into art on an interactive, black-light graffiti wall. Other LAI elements such as 8-foot tall glowing sponsor towers, changing graphics, 70” vertical monitors sharing social media feeds, and 20 education sessions could also be found within the exhibit hall.

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