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2018 ALA

2018 Association Leadership Awards

Both the LAI LIVE team and LAI Video team had the pleasure of partnering with CEO Update for the fifth straight year in a row to produce LAI LIVE works with CEO Update each year to produce the association sector’s most prestigious awards program, The Association Leadership Awards. While last year’s award show took attendee engagement to a record high using interactive graphics and new, cutting-edge technologies and social media assets, our main objectives for this year were to build on the previous year’s momentum, as well as to make the program and the honorees feel special, elevate the CEO Update brand, keep the show to one hour, and ultimately create an event that feels distinct from past years.

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Jeff Eggers and Chris Fussell speaking at the CEO Update Roundtable Summit

CEO Update Roundtable Summit

The three dividions of Leading Authorities, Inc.—LAI Live, LAI Video, and LAI Speakers Bureau—partnered together to help CEO Update host a day-long event for Washington, DC-based CEOs aimed at connecting members with trending ideas, experts, and one another. CEO Update wanted to create an intimate, high-end experience that was conducive to sharing ideas, discussing concepts, and connecting those concepts back to attendees’ day-to-day. Here’s how we did it.

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National Grocers Association Show 2018

NGA Show 2018

This year, the LAI Live team along with the other two divisions of Leading Authorities, Inc.—Leading Authorities speakers bureau and LAI Video—teamed up with the National Grocers Association (NGA) to rip apart the standard conference setup, transforming the existing ballroom into a one-of-a-kind event.
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International Franchise Association Convention 2017

What do sharks, men in kilts, and a class of graduates have in common? Just another week in the life of LAI Live!

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