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NSHSS Scholars Day 2018

National Society Of High School Scholars

This conference was like none before, built for the young scholars molding our country for the better and for the future. National Society of High School Scholars is committed year over year to acknowledging and to devoting resources to a network of over 1.5 million high school students. Each year NSHSS hosts this Scholar’s Day conference to showcase the important work the scholars do inside and outside the classroom for their peers, schools, and communities. The LAI Live team had the easy task of making the conference reflect these esteemed values.


Initially, we sat down with the NSHSS team and over two strategy sessions developed pain points from previous conferences, identified other education organizations’ successes and how to make this event unique. Setting the objectives was rather straight forward—NSHSS with our team’s help needed to create a cohesive two-day event that had consistent branding from beginning to end, to construct an engaging show script and to assemble the supporting A/V requirements. Leaving this meeting, our team was confident that we knew exactly how to incorporate NSHSS’s dreams to make a fantastic reality for the high schoolers and other attendees.

Scholar's Day Programming

With a traditional show outline given to us by NSHSS, our team went out giving a modern and fun twist to the sessions across the conference. Day One consists of the Opening Ceremony and the keynote address. LAI Live jumped right in by providing the environment to lead a fun, energetic, yet focused session with highly prepared speakers. Now Day Two presented a problem how were they going to make 1,200 high schoolers receiving a medallion exciting. In past years, the laborious process of announcing each name live left audience members uninterested and bored. Pairing up with LAI Video, we created a premade, entertaining video announcing all 1,200 students quickly and efficiently. Leaving students recognized and audience members engaged.

Branding! Branding! Branding!

In our pre-event sessions with NSHSS, they stressed the need for consistent branding from beginning to end. At the time, they were going through a rebranding process which left us a terrific opportunity to initiate a brand guide to help future creative efforts. After developing the guide, we created templates for easy signage and swag customization. The higher level of attention to branding elevated the event and forged an individualized touch with attendees throughout.

Throw It on the 'Gram

What do Gen Z'ers love? Instagram, obviously. With teenagers spending more and more time glued to their phone, how does a prestigious event incorporate the new aged photo sharing social media outlet? Setting the scene was no easy task but our team was determined to make this station an Instagram haven. With consistent branding mentioned above and fun extras, we catered to the high school students, parents, teachers, corporate partners, and board members. #MissionComplete

Background Matters

Our specialty lies in creating great events from beginning to finish, this was no exception. Our technical talents are showcased in the behind the scenes work we do writing scripts, guiding audio/visual aspects, and running the show.

Audience Value Add

Since the beginning, the most important thing was the audience—high schoolers, parents, corporate partners, and board members. We worked well with NSHSS to create a tangible value add for each and every one of them. Making the high schoolers feel appreciated while not losing attendees in the audience at the Recognition Ceremony. Construction spaces both in the script and booths for attendees to cut loose, have fun, and make memories.

Managed and Designed By

Katie Nesbit-Blackburn joined LAI Live with over a decade of experience in all facets of event production.

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