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National Mining Association


It’s an event so large, it only happens every four years!  LAI LIVE led the creative direction of the general session programming, Sentinels of Safety Awards luncheon and US Department of Interior Awards Luncheon at MinExpo International.

The Challenge

With over 40,000 attendees and mining equipment so tall it scraped the ceiling, LAI LIVE was challenged with creating a general session space that encompassed the towering feel of the exhibit hall floor, yet was flexible enough to host panel sessions, luncheons and awards ceremonies.

The Solution

With a convention of this size, space is a commodity.  We built the main session space from the ground up by combining smaller meeting rooms into a larger, common area.  LAI LIVE worked through special challenges – like ‘no rigging allowed’ and ‘long, hollow space’ to create the environment that would best suit our clients needs. Lighting and audio was ground supported, but laid out in a way that was unobtrusive to attendees and designed to change with the space as walls were closed or opened throughout the week.

We designed a powerful scenic look by combining eight-foot light boxes, industry photography and ten-foot panels to pay homage to the strength of the people and resources in the mining industry.  Accentuated with three plus-sized, high-definition screens to show image magnification, graphics and speaker presentations, even the standing-room-only crowd in the rear of the space were treated to what seemed like a front row seat.  With the imagery and graphic design serving as the common thread throughout the week, we were able to change the mood and theme in the room quickly through lighting design, music selection and a variation in the graphic’s colors.

Of course no event would be complete without the expertise of our Production Management team to ensure the planning and on-site execution of each event goes off without a hitch.  For MinExpo International, we worked tirelessly before the event to align with the other service providers in regards to logistics and deliverables.  LAI LIVE reworked the backstage experience for presenters by providing an environment for them to prep beforehand, introduced a stage manager to be the go-to guy for anyone backstage, and our producer led on-site rehearsals with each team so they knew what to expect before the big day. The Result?  The client, the attendees, the speakers and the awardees all had the same reaction…”Wow, this is amazing”.

Managed and Designed By

With more than 15 years experience as an event producer, Shannon has produced everything from multi-million dollar, nationally-televised events to a nationwide…

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