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NAF Next


Events are experiences, which is why LAI Live works hand in hand with our clients to build conference themes and programming from the ground up. This year, we teamed with NAF to produce NAF Next, a dynamic professional development conference that brings together education, business, and community leaders to address some of the biggest challenges facing education and the economy.

Coordination To The Max!

During a rigorous, day-long Event Design Workshop session with NAF, we worked closely with the NAF team to conceptualize the conference theme through interactive conversations, defining goals, and strategizing audience engagement. We discussed words with deep meaning, such as the words connection, future, imagine, change, and together we developed the2018 NAF NEXT theme—‘Imagine Our Future’. We also talked about the coordinating ambience for the theme, including energy, innovation, inspiration, and provided guidance on how best to reinforce the theme by engaging with attendees throughout the various spaces and sessions.

Bright Futures

Then it was onto the design phase—developing various drafts of event logo and event identity that fed off of the information discussed in the workshop. The final design was bold yet had an inspirational lightness. It captured both an ode to the career academies and the bright future the students will have, as well as the universal impact they will make, as they continue on their educational path.

That Extra Oompf!

We designed the scenic to show-off the graphics and opted for two oversized, curved screens with the intent of highlighting the horizon effect. We added a center round screen as an accent piece that transitioned between different logos and animations throughout the multi-day conference. All show content was designed and customized to fill the screens for an extra punch, guaranteeing a good seat for everyone and eliminating the need for delay screens.


The six months of logistical and program planning leading up to the event incorporated ways to execute on various format changes and how best to highlight the successes of individual academies, without loosing the audiences interest and attention. From transforming the standard keynote segments from speakers standing behind a podium on stage into interactive two-way audience conversations, to engaging with students in a different role, the ideas were plentiful and proved to be successful. 


Once on-site, the LAI Live team swiftly swooped into action with a Producer and a team of Stage Managers onsite to coordinate and run all pre-event rehearsals. Not only did we organize industry VIPs without a hitch, but we smoothly executed over 40 academies who were being recognized individually and 30 academies gathering together for a ribbon cutting ceremony on stage. Instead of having the standard ‘people walking across a stage to recieve their award’ vibe, we turned it into a party withplayful, lively, and lighthearted music, energetic voice overs (VO’s), and celebratory cheering. Ending on a high note with an awards gala, we brought in one of our favorite local DJ’s and used an online platform to collect song requests and ended with a wild, well-earned dance bash for the attendees!

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