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NAF Behind the Scenes


This July, LAI Live once again teamed with NAF to produce another NAF Next event, working hand in hand to develop programming and branding from the ground up.

Let's Get Down to Business

Before designing a conference identity, determining a theme, or identifying keynote speakers, an in-depth group site visit should be held. This is the time to learn the ins-and-outs of the selected venue. About 9 months prior to NAF Next 2019, we joined the NAF team at the event venue in Detroit, where we walked through the space, assessed the flow of attendee traffic, and determined branding opportunities. In doing so, we were able to see how unique the general session ballroom was, which changed our scenic concept to not only support the NAF messaging, but to compliment the room itself, an important element that can frequently be overlooked without touring a venue.

Creating Empowering Graphics

Once the scenic and flow had been thought out, we jumped back to the beginning with an event design workshop. Playing off the NAF brand discussed within the workshop, our Art Director worked with NAF to develop graphics completely customized to the 2019 conference. After several rounds of identity development, the theme EMPOWER was selected. From there we began to build out assets. In addition to developing custom social media graphics, stage graphics, program books, swag, and signage, we produced two animations for digital marquees, placed on the convention center and over the highway, promoting NAF’s messaging beyond just the attendee experience.


However, developing the conference theme went beyond just branding. Within the event design workshop, we worked with NAF to develop a call to action, challenging attendees to be Empowered through their #NAFFIRMATION. Throughout the conference sessions and networking events, attendees were asked to think about what inspires them and in turn, what they can take home to inspire their students. This was not only communicated in the graphics but through scripting and programming.

Celebrate Good Times...C'mon!

EMPOWER also carried into the Celebration Dinner, an evening event celebrating the accomplishments of individuals within the NAF network. A new custom graphic specific to the dinner was designed, creating an environment that was both inspiring and elegant. When developing an awards ceremony for a conference, it’s important to change the look and feel of the room. This helps connect with your audience and make them feel as if they’re being celebrated, even if they’re not being recognized onstage.

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