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IFA: Creating A Buzz in Las Vegas


How did we help our client's annual convention that continues to grow and thrive, stay on the cutting edge of engagement? We started in the foyer!

Our Next Guest Is...

Wanting to play off one of the hot event trends this year, FOMO, LAI Live designed a Media Booth that played host to a variety of activities. The main events each day were dedicated to in-depth interviews with key convention influencers—the CEO and Board Chair, Keynote Speakers, NextGen Competitors, and more.

The segments were streamed on Facebook Live and offered the opportunity to build excitement for what was to come, recap learnings from what had taken place, and dive a little deeper into the stories of speakers, contestants, and the organization. The booth, situated in a prime location, provided an opportunity for attendees to engage with the influencers following their segment. When not being streamed, the LAI Video team used the booth as home base for attendee interviews and capturing additional event b-roll. The vibrantly-colored, branded space attracted attendees for photo ops and social media connections too!

Screen Time For Everyone

Video Walls have become common place at many large events, but just like large screens in a general session, it’s not the size of the screen, it’s how you use it. We started by flipping it on its head, literally. The visually stunning, 2.9 mil wall, towered at 11’ high and featured a curve that paid homage to the general session scenic look.

We designed a mini program featuring general content graphics and sponsor videos, an-updated-daily convention photo slide show, and worked in HD footage of aquariums, waterfalls and more so the attendee would see something new each time they walked passed. This attention-grabber was hard to miss and ultimately brought additional eyes to need-to-know information and sponsor recognition.

Concave? No, Convex!

The Convention’s pièce de résistance could be found a few steps away in the general session. Live’s goal was to wow attendees as they entered the space, immerse the audience in the programming, but also be cognizant of budgets. The 70’ x 15’ convex center screen reached out into the audience and joined together with two large outboard screens to create an easy-to-view surface from anywhere in the room, eliminating the need for delay screens. Throughout the pre-production process, LAI Live’s Producers and Designers strategically thought through each detail like which graphic went to each screen, the best way to highlight each program piece, how to interlace IMAG and speaker presentations, and which of those decisions, combined with music and smooth execution, would create the largest impact on the audience. After all, if you’re going to fill the room with screens, you should fill the screens with content!

Managed and Designed By

Helena Lehman is responsible for building the company’s business in content marketing strategy among its clientele.

With more than 20 years of experience as an event producer, Shannon has produced everything from multi-million dollar, nationally-televised events to a nationwide…

Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience working with LAI customers in all aspects of our business. She maintains production schedules, manages workflow and tracks…

Katie Nesbit-Blackburn joined LAI Live with over a decade of experience in all facets of event production.

With over a decade of experience designing a wide variety of engaging visual media solutions, Benjamin McGeever brings a refined eye and a fresh approach to…